Filming Status Updated at Summit

Thanks to Dolphin Dog for the heads up.  Summit updated Twilight’s status on their page from pre-production to in production. 


  1. Stephenie just posted a new blog on her myspace. Check it out!

  2. Ann, could you give us the link? Maybe I’m just “myspace” challenged, but I can’t seem to find her there.

  3. Bella_twilight says:

    Yea, I can’t find her on MySpace anywhere!!

  4. I tried to post the links but its not showing up. If you go to myspace and type in Stephenie Meyer and then select “myspace” not “people” or any of the other option in the little box, and she should be the first one to come up. Make sure you spell stephenie with an “e” and not an “a”! Hope this helps!

  5. well thanx Kim that was really confusing me. and to all the others that think that Robert Patterson can’t fulfill the role as Edward i COMPLETELY AGREE with you. I mean i don’t think that hes good looking enough to play him Edward is way to perfect i mean recast but i just hope that he does a better job in plan him since we are all fans of the book and anything less than perfect will only mess up the movie since im sure that we ALL know the book by heart and backwards and forwards so it will only make us regret that they made the movie. but also i don’t think that it will make any changes to how we see our “Edward” i mean at least not for me anyways

  6. latuacantante says:

    For those having trouble viewing her blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    She’s gotten permission to post the first chapter of The Host on Valentine’s Day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. well i certainly hope they publish more than just four of five box ….

  8. They only have 2 of the cast so far…. unless they already have Jacob? and the rest of the cast in secret? (very puzzled…)

  9. For many fans of the books Robert is not the “ideal” Edward, since everyone has their own vision of what Edward “should” look like. But, I trust that the casting people absolutely know what they are doing, and apparently Robert really wowed them at his audition. We all need to give him a chance and not judge the movie until we see it with an open mind. I have a strong feeling Robert will really be able to do Edward justice. And, he actually does look like a vampire!

  10. hey i think they should these two stp song “dancing days” and “still remains” i think there perfect cuz the whole grunge thing and the book is based in wash and they are kinda bizzare dark love songs kinda like the book you know but maby its just me but you guys should listen to them tell me what you think mayby even the tool song H

  11. Bella_twilight says:

    Music for the movie… hmmmm…Within Temptation??

  12. Perfect song is definitely ‘Cat & Mouse’ by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. For at the end of Twilight. ‘I said I’d never leave you’ll never change.’ ‘Am I supposed to be happy when all I ever wanted, comes with a price.’ ‘You said that you would die for me, you must live for me too.’
    I just think it fits perfectly with the end of the book.

  13. Whoa, Borinof… you’re cmpletely right!!
    i just listened to it and completely agree…..
    nice findings!!

  14. hmmm… how about “starlight” by muse…
    some of their songs fit perfectly:D

  15. or if someone is looking for action music for a scene where, let’s say, vampires are fighting then check this out…
    True Nature by Jane’s Addiction.

  16. I hope this means they will start announcing more of the cast soon. I can’t wait to see the rest of the Cullens. And see pictures from the set.

  17. isn’t today the rumored date that the rest of cast is to be announced? I’ll keep checking in!

  18. Obnoxious moronic DOG says:

    i dont know…..

  19. I agree what glacialangel here posted, PEOPLE cut the actors some slack they know what they are doing and they are ACTORS they can pull it off. If you are mad just because how the way they look you are getting mad for no reason. Just watch, when the movie comes out some of you guys are going to feel sorry.So come on you guys give some support to our actors, when i read about Rob, to me, the poor guy really needs support from us. So don’t push it, we have been hoping that they are going to make a movie and now they are making the movie and we (of course) are so thrilled about it…but now you have to go ranting about the actors? I hope this made it clear…there is NOTHING you can do about it SUCK IT UP!

    The only thing i am a little worried is the movie we all know it going to change a ‘little’ so i am keeping my fingers crossed but i know Summit will do a great job if they twinky it (probably they are putting more suspence or Action, idk.) ,well, i will still be happy, i mean, hey, look at Harry Potter they changed it a little (or a lot? they always miss a lot of parts of the book) and people still like it, i mean look at the box office. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am all Team Rob & Kristen WHOOOT WHOOOT ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Well i hope they at least make a sequence to the movie twilight..
    im sure all of them will be a hit.

    Well anyways that song cat and mouse is pretty cool for twilight..

    but i do wonder..since bella is getting married and all ..what is exactly going to happen to jacob..he at least is going to be in all the other books..

    and robert could actually pull the part off…
    but i really hope HENRY CAVILL will
    be in all the movies…


  22. chevroletanyday says:

    haha. noah goes to my school. no hes not cast. apparently its down to taylor laurent(shudder) or some random other dude. pity. i think noah woulda done good. AND i actually know his acting ability…i think theyre gonna screw the movie…

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