Filming Status Updated at Summit

Thanks to Dolphin Dog for the heads up.  Summit updated Twilight’s status on their page from pre-production to in production. 


  1. STAFF— stephnie meyer has posted up some questions to BD on her myspace. check ’em and post ’em! πŸ˜€

  2. well does anyone know exactly when the movies set to come out?? and i cant wait for it to come out i mean it will be great and once you read the book after the people wont really matter anyway….. unless you want them to remain that way in your mind.( for those that dont like the people that they chose). i just want to see how the people play them and how exactly they will bring them to life.

  3. It was actually changed to in production on the 24th. I left Alphie a message, no idea if she got it.

    Jas. The movie is set to come out in December.

  4. i can not wait for the movie…i cant wait december even film will come here in Croatia after new year….i want to see the actors…trailers…and pictures from making film…I LOVE EDWARD…

  5. thanx Cara. I’ve heard someone say that its not suppose to come out till 2010 or sometime around there. and why do people like to look at trailers??? i dont understand the point of that??? can someone please explain that one to me???

  6. By the time the movie comes out it will be completely different from the synopsis I’m sure. From the time a movie begins filming to the time it ends there are major changes in script. Relax.
    Somethings have to be changed for the sake of pace. Maybe the idea of explaining why James’ coven will interrupt the flow. And the “mate-for-a-mate” might tkae too long to explain. It is easier and more dramitc to have them be “mortal (actually, immortal) enemies”.


  7. Are they really going to announce the whole cast on Jan 30? i really hope they do! πŸ˜€

  8. omg im so excited i can not contain myself :DDD

    im going to be first in line at the movie theatre
    to see twilight. :] i love robert pattinson as edward
    and i love kristen stewart as bella! i wish december
    would hurryy hahah im so excited for the trailers
    and photos to come out and everything and i can
    not wait to see the rest of the cast! they’re going
    to be amazing and im going to be jumping in my
    seat and shrieking when im in the movie theatre
    waiting for the movie to come on lol :]]

  9. madd cullen says:


  10. today is my birthday! i just found out that they are realeasing a list of a lot more people in the cast on january 30th. this is so exciting!

  11. Hmmm… well as happy as i am for this movie to be progressing, i really wish they could have just used a sumary from the book.

    they make it seem like its this crazy teenage love thing, with fake girls and mean parents who force their children to leave.
    may i add that they aren’t mortal enemies…
    vampires are imortal, hahaha. :p Did anyone else catch that?

    To me, this series is just so, idk.. antique? maybe its because of how old-fashioned edward and bella’s romance is, but im just kinda disappointed. i know im going to be there opening night, but i know for a fact the twilight series will be totally different.
    and i think im okay with that. its just that i have such a clear mental image of what they look like and now after the movie, when i read the book i know im going to imagine kritsten and robert.

  12. Fire and Ice says:

    How do some people know that the rest of the cast will be announced on January 30? Is it from a website or something? If so, I want to know where you guys found that. πŸ™‚ I’m DYING to know more.

  13. hey fire and ice,
    its on the IMDb website. thats where i found it but i dont know if its true…but its still exciting to know anyway!! fingers crossed it does January 30th!

  14. Mrs. Catherine Cullen says:

    Wow! Im sooooo EXCITED!!!!!

  15. twilightruedward says:

    wait, seriously?
    the entire cast will be announced january 30th??!?!?!???
    omg that is soo exciting!!!

  16. This is pretty cool…
    I should celebrate by throwing a party!!!
    A casting party!

  17. Whoot! That’s awesome that it’s progressing! For those reading imdb boards, I wouldn’t trust them…weren’t the place everyone was saying how Colton Haynes was picked to play Edward?

    I just hope the directors know that the twilight fans are watching the progression of the film like vultures, lol. πŸ™‚ [Like that’s a bad thing or anything.]

  18. *I wouldn’t trust them…wasn’t that the place everyone was saying how Colton Haynes was picked to play Edward?

    Wow, my bad for horrible grammar before. -____-;;

  19. lyricangel121 says:

    Jenny I saw the “mortal enemy” thing before too…i love the irony!!

  20. stargazed says:

    Noah Hunt should play the role of Jacob. If anyone knows how to contact someone with authority, please pass the word on. Ironically he lives in Washington too…

  21. I guess im the only one who thinks they should NOT make a movie… i think it ruins the “perfectness” of the book. Im not seeing the movie.

  22. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing that their doing things a little differently than the book. It will probably be more visually exciting to do all these changes on screen. And also, it will help preserve some things in the book. This way your mind will be able to distinguish between how things are/people look/act between the two.

    Hope that kinda made sense?

  23. I will see the movie, but I’m viewing it totally separately to the books. I’ve read some of the sides for the characters and Emmett is totally different and Charlie and Billy are ridiculous. I hope the script changes their dialogue. It’s really bad. They spend like 2 minutes trying to be cool parents, like Billy says “he’s down with the kids” (raises eyebrow).

    The other thing, is they have to try and get the movie to appeal, to non-twilight obsessed people. And unfortunately that means the changes, like a younger charlie. I heard billy burke is in twilight and my theory is that he’s playing him (a slip made in an interview).

    As for Noah Hunt ‘stargazed’. He’s too young to play Jacob in subsequent movies, and that’s a big prerequisite, they need to grow up quickly. And non-one can actually recommend to the cast directors who they want them to play πŸ™‚ (otherwise it would be steven strait for me)

    lyricangel121: i noticed the mortal enemies thing too. it is rather stupid. especially as the cullen’s don’t even know them until that day. bah!

    oh well. i’m still going crazy with need for movie updates…the casting announcement on the 30th still holds i think, the person who announced seemed to know their stuff.


  24. Oh, this is so cool! I looked more around their website, and found out that they are making a City of Ember movie-how exciting! I loved that book. There are a couple of other movies they are making that I really want to see now… Oh I do hope they have more info soon!

  25. Jacobblackluver says:


    I heard they have found a Jacob Black!!!!!
    You can go on to Facebook…and look up the Group “Ever since I read Twilight I have unrealisric expectations in men”

    You will then Find the talk of the town…

    NOAH HUNT!!!!

    possibly THE NEW JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go to imdb on the disscussion boards for more INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jacobblackluver, can you post a link where you found that info? I wanna see it and I can’t find anything on imbd…

  27. wish they would hurry up with the casting

  28. Fleur the daisy says:

    How many books will she write exactly? six at the most?

  29. Please remember that EVERYTHING is just a rumor until Summit sends out a press release. Need I remind everyone of how sure IMDB, Facebook and Myspace were about who was cast as Bella and Edward…how wrong they were.

  30. Fire and Ice says:

    Rumors stink…you can never tell if they are true or not. As much as I would love to believe that they have found a Jacob Black, it hasn’t been official. No need to get my hopes up.. πŸ™ I think we should just stay away from the rumors and wait for Summit to announce the rest of the official cast.

  31. I agree, Fire and Ice. No one should get their hopes up too much about rumors because chances are they’re just that: a rumor and nothing more. I also heard about Billy Burke and how he mentioned Twilight while he was being interviewed on the radio but I’m still keeping everything as speculation until its confirmed by Summit

  32. I did see on Noah’s myspace that he put “Twilight” next to his picture… Hmmm interesting…

  33. I love this book but im soo confused…edwards only known for a few days and hes in love with bella in twilight.

    hopefully the movie will turn out just like the book.

    does anybody else think that they pick the wrong guy to play Edward.

  34. twilightruedward says:

    robert definately wasn’t my first choice…but I think he can fulfill the role… some extent
    i also agree that the movie turns out exactly as the book
    i hope they dont tweak it or anything…cause the book is perfect the way it is

  35. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Oh yeah the song Cat and Mouse is cool. But not for movie I think the movie needs a little more romantic you know what i’m saying ^_- !!!

  36. When I first thought of Patterson, I was a little skeptical, but when I thought about it a little more, I decided that he can do a pretty good job. I have all confidence in Rob… I think I’ll send him a letter!

    I am so super PSYCHED for this movie!!!!!!!

  37. *Jas: When someone says they want to see the “trailers” it means they want to see the preview. Not the actor’s actual trailer. A trailer is another word for movie preview.

    Right now I’m not making any speculations about casting and I’m totally not worried about the fact that they haven’t announced who’s in the movie and who’s not. Most likely, they have the whole cast picked but they’re just waiting to announce all of them. They probably had most of the cast picked out when they announced who was playing Bella and Edward, but they figured they’d announce the main characters first because those are the ones the fans care about most.

    Although, I don’t really care for the whole “plastics” thing. A little too Valley Girl/Heathers/Mean Girls for my taste… O_o

  38. I’m worried about the synopsis, too. They’re going to COMPLETELY change it from the book. The whole point of Bella’s character is that she didn’t really interact with people in Phoenix; no one really loved or hated her. They can’t do a whole dramatic thing about her not fitting in. And Victoria IS more important than Laurent, and James is NOT the mortal enemy of the Cullens. Everything is wrong. And I know a lot of you will be saying that the synopsis isn’t supposed to show every detail, and that’s true. But the thing is, the details that ARE there are just plain wrong. I’m so scared to see the movie now.

  39. Wait, you guys are all so set on the fact that the synopsis says “mortal enemies” and “plastic girls” but you all missed the biggest thing: It says, plain as day, that Edward does not have fangs!!!!!!!!!!! Does this make anyone else incredibly happy??? I know I’ve been sweating it thinking that they were going to make the vampires in the movie totally cliché and have fangs and blood dripping down their face. I am just so happy that they are sticking true to the book in this way. There is hope, my friends. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think Edward is sparkling in it… πŸ™‚

  40. im glad edward doesn’t have fangs! but you guys its not THAT big a deal with the mortal enemies and the plastics thing. its a movie so they’re just making it sound exciting for people that haven’t heard of twilight before. also they probably will change minor things in the movie cuz its a movie

  41. I think Rob is totally Edward, at least to me.
    check out this pic.

  42. christina says:

    lol i agree with you Kim!! I’m so happy for this movie its going to be amazing i love robert pattinson and i can not wait for the meadow scene when he sparkles…sigh lol im so excited.

  43. OMG Christina, you’re so right!!!
    wow, just the way i imagined the scene in my mind..
    im not quite sure if they’ll be able to portray it correctly though…

    I’m still not ready to let go of my mental picture of edward.
    i like robert patterson and all but i just have a feeling he will be so different. well you ver know though..
    with make-up and special effects, i kow they’ll do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
    i say we all try and think more possitively towards the movies.
    regardless of how it turns out, i know we can all still recover, because quite frankly, we stilll have the books to re-read and re-read again. i know that that’s just enough for me:]


    They lied about Noah Hunt. Not that I’m surprised, it’s all a rumor. They’re actually admitting it. Just in case anyone else was still under the impression they casted Jacob.

  45. I cannot believe they’ve cast Robert Pattison as Edward. In the book Edward is meant to be amazingly goodlooking. Robert is at best, scruffy. Edward cannot be scruffy! In my opinion, they should have Jonathan Rhys Meyers play Edward. I love the choice for Bella. There’s a photograph of her on Stephenie Meyers website, and she looks perfect for the part. I don’t think the movie is at all going to live up to my expectations, so I’m just going to see the movie as completely different and keep the picture inside my head. I looked up Forks, and the forest just outside is absolutely perfect.
    Is the cast really released today? I’m searching Imdb and Summit, but so far haven’t found anything. ='(

  46. Blah blah blah. Stop whining! Robert will be fine if you let go of all preconcieved images in your mind. Your complaining does nothing to change the fact that he was casted. Deal with it!

  47. Okay, I don’t know why everyone is freaking out about the synopsis. It obviously isn’t going to be the final synopsis or anything. For some reason, most people seem to be picking out a single word or phrase that isn’t exactly right and blowing it out of proportion. I mean, I noticed those things, too, but the slip up on a word or two should not get such a big reaction. Over reacting… I know that they can’t get everything into the movie, which sucks, but I will at least appreciatiate the effort. In order to get everything in, they’d need to make a mini-series, which I wouldn’t mind at all. Someone should suggest it! It’s a great idea! Oh, and no offense, but Rhys-Meyers isn’t much less “scruffy” than Pattison… and he’s not even that scruffy… just sayin’

  48. I don’t think you can quite say to forget everything…
    to some people this book is like their life, and to how this movie turns out is very important to them.

    for the people who’d wish everyone else to stop whinning, it’s not fair:/
    you obviously perceive the book differently and have different views on it. what im saying is everybody’s minds aren’t alike. you read the book and get into the story, but you CAN get rid of the images. for some people it’s hard to let go.

    this is a site for discussion and we are discussing our views.

  49. beautifulwaste says:

    Much as I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers, he’s too old to play a 17 year old Edward Cullen. Also, although he is extremely beautiful, his beauty is not really the Edward kind of beauty.

    Robert Pattinson will be absolutely wonderful in Twilight.He’s perfect for the role.

  50. Bella_twilight says:

    The Cast will probably be released on the 30th, thats what Steph’s website said.. I think.. anyways, I’m excited to see who they casted! Alice especially.. lol I understand about the Edward thing, but for some reason now that I know Robert is playing Edward, I can’t stop imagining him as Edward when I read the book! Can’t wait!! Hope you’re all as excited as I am, and please understand that you may not like the actors they have chosen to play your favourite roles (theres a certain girl I don’t imagine as my bella, but I’ll live with it!) so please and try and be as supportive as you can towards the actors!!! =D

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