Fanmail for Rob Pattinson

We’ve done some looking around at various sites trying to find the best sites for information on the stars of the upcoming Twilight movie.  We are very pleased to have some feedback from Michele at Rob Pattinson Fan that Rob is very good about answering fan mail and has been known to send autographs.  He does NOT, however, have a MySpace page.  (There are dozens of MySpace pages that claim to be him.  They are all fake.)  If you should like to contact Rob and show your support for him as Edward, you can write to him at the following address:

Robert Pattinson
c/o Endeavor Agency
Stephanie Ritz
9601 Wilshire Blvd. Floor 3
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Please do not send hate mail!  At the Lexicon, we are in total support of Rob in the role of Edward and do not want any hurtful mail heading his direction simply because we wanted to share with the rest of you who support him a way to contact him.  By all means, tell him that you are excited about the film and can’t wait to see his take on it.  Feel free to mention that you got the address from Rob Pattinson Fan or from the Lexicon so Rob knows where his support is coming from.



  1. jessica gibson You are more the welcome to go to another site and express your dislike of this casting choice. Here on the Lexicon we are in full support of Summit’s casting choices. We have stated this numerous times.


  2. JakeorEdward says:

    ive read all of the comments before mine and i think that there are a couple of negative people here.Those people should step back and think about how much pressure Robert is under right now.I know that he is going to try his very best and i believe he will be fantastic.All im saying is that if you arent going to support him, keep your mouth shut.

  3. mrs.cullen1220 says:

    Yeah I agree. The negative people really need to bite their tongue and just deal. He’s already casted and HE IS EDWARD CULLEN. No one will ever be the perfect Edward and we all see him differently. The best thing to do is just keep your opinions to yourself and just support him. As jakeoredward said he’s under enough pressre as it is. He’s read the books and knows what Edward is like, so we all just need to have confidence and faith that he does a great job. Robert wasn’t my first choice either, but once I saw him in Harry Potter and the more I saw his pictures, I realized he’s great. He may not meet the pictures in our heads, but at least he has Stephenie’s approval. That’s all that matters to me and now I’m excited to see the movie. We all just need to be thankful THERE WILL BE A MOVIE. I support him 100% and think he’ll do an amazing job!! 🙂

  4. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I already send him a letter today and i ask him for an autograph!! I hope he can send me one :)!!

  5. vampirelvr says:

    i think that you guys are right saying that we shouldn’t be so negative, but you can’t tell us what to do. you can’t make us support him and it’s just our opinions, and you can’t make us change them.

  6. vampirelvr says:

    i think that people should be able to voice their opinions without being told wht to do

  7. Maddie Cullen says:

    … I’m still SUPER excited for this movie! LOL

  8. Maddie Cullen says:

    and Robert is a total Hottie!

  9. OMG!! so excited for the movie, and can’t wait to go see it!!!! Robert is a totl
    hottie….. i wonder if he’ll send a pic of him back, and signed! i’m writing my feedback tonight!!! =P hope he does!! thnx for the adress!!!


  10. Vampirelvr,

    You are more then welcome to your opinions. However as we have stated before, the Lexicon is in FULL support of the Summit Casting Choices. And have stated that our site is such on many many occasions. Please withhold harsh judgement until you have actually seen the film.

    Please do not cause any futher contention here.

  11. Maddie Cullen says:

    I STILL can’t wait for the movie!!!!!
    p.s. I

  12. Maddie Cullen says:

    Love Robert!

  13. They’ve just submitted the new casting for Jessica Stanley, Eric Yorkie, and Mike Newton for Twilight.
    Mike Newton: Michael Welch
    Jessica Stanley: Anna Kendrick
    Eric Yorkie: Justin Chon.

    The new thing now that they’ve done if you go to, Mtv movie blog, is Edward flys over tree tops! He dosen’t run, and they’re actually going on real tree tops for the movie. I’ve also found out, that Stephanie Meyers other book ( Not Breaking Dawn) but ( Midnight Sun) if you read it, will be coming out shortly after Breaking Dawn- with comes out Aug. 2

    Hope this was helpful!:)
    I luv this website!!

  14. I abslutly love edward cullen and it is gr8 too c that he has heaps on die0-hard fans 😀

  15. i cant believe that Robert pattinson is going to play edward cullen i have some gr8 websites if anybody wants some! 😀 let me know 🙂

  16. Ive been a fan of Twilight (and Robert) since the beginning and when I found out he was to play Edward I was seriously excited. He’s the perfect Edward Cullen. Apparently everybody else seems to think so too considering the hundreds of fan websites and facebook bumper stickers made about him 🙂 I can’t wait to see the movie! I’m sure he’ll bring the character to life. I’m writing my support to him right now.
    We love you Rob!

  17. i can guarntree i will be in a movie with rob in the nxt 5 years lol.

  18. lol, its not september the 3 its september the 4th and its 11.18am in brisbane. lol.

    im sending him a letter
    australia’s mail is fast i think.
    it might take like 1 month from melb till i get a letter back
    if i get one back.

  20. Cullen girl says:

    I really dont like Rob and he is so ugly I decided that I am no longer on team Edward so GO JACOB (and Emmett and Alice)They ROCK!!!!!!!

  21. Cullen girl says:

    No offense to Rob cuz im sure he is a great actor but not an Edward much better Cedric

  22. Elizabeth Cullen says:

    I already sent him a letter! I’m hoping for an autograph in 1-3 months!!!

  23. anonymous says:

    Oh HELL no. You people are all going to harass poor Robert now. Screw you guys. -_-

  24. MsRansom87 says:

    does anybody know if there’s a difference btw sending mail to rob in LA opposed to the UK?? Has anyone gotten mail back from the LA address??

  25. Edwardbitespillow says:


  26. Cullen girl: Why would you change what guy your for based on the movie? Obviously there’s no guy who is “perfect” to play the part of Edward, but Rob is a good cast in my opinion. The book and movie characters are always going to be somewhat different, but that doesn’t mean you should change support because of a casting issue.

  27. hello! I was wondering whether Rob has an email? I heard that he’s also reading Fan Emails right?

  28. awesomegirl says:

    Wow thanks i have some drawings i would like to send him and to comgradulate him on his winning role thanks.

  29. aislynnbeth says:

    Thank you for the information on Rob. I would like to show my support of him as Edward somehow – considering… he’s what carried the movie. I didn’t think he could pull it off but I was really impressed! I second the question about an e-mail for Rob? That would be really convenient.

  30. Kassidy and Aleta says:

    omg we just saw twilight twice in two nights we’re in lovee with it!!!! We love “Edward Collins” and who plays him! By the way your our new favorite actor! Cant wait for the second on to come out! As long as your in it it’ll be amazing as the first. You make the movie gorgeous.
    Kassidy and Aleta
    From Yellowknife NT Canada !!!

  31. I love Robert/Edward. He’s soo sweet, sexy, and seducing.

  32. I love Edward Cullen! My wallpaper is a pic of him, my signature at the end of my txts is “Mrs. E. Cullen, and u know whats awesome? All around our school there are posters of him and bella! its awsome that our school supports that movie!
    Mrs.E. Cullens

  33. Does Robert have a facebook? If so what is his link.. thank you

  34. hello
    i am Kayla …..i love u in twilight…but i heard that you did not read the book to get a relation with character i was wondering if that was true???

    your biggest fan Kayla

  35. sorry it is Kayla again i wanted to ask another question….are you going to do the next movie???

  36. r&clove EDWARDCULLEN says:

    OMG! We were so totally excited when we found out you would be playing the role of Edward Cullen!! You did an amazing job in Harry Potter and i’m sure you will do justice to this role! Also you are an amazing musician! We can’t wait to see TWILIGHT!! We love you so much and hope you have a very successful career:)if you get a chance come to california to wish me a happy birthday, i would be so stunned!!!!!!

  37. r&clove EDWARDCULLEN says:

    OMG!!!! we just saw the movie! you did an incredible job! it was everything we hoped for and more! remember about my b day party if your not to busy to attend:):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  38. vampires99 says:

    OMG!! me and my bff just saw ur amazing movie. u were so awsome in twilight!!! luv it.. ur such a great actor!!! i couldnt forget about the cool movie… my b-day in so close hope u can write something back to me or something… if u have msn or facebook can u give it to me plzz 😀

  39. It feels kind of weird to be like obsessed and write a fan letter to this amazing actor thats so much higher up than us. But I’m going to any way because he’s extremely amazing, and I can’t get over how gorgeous. Even though, the book was better than the movie, he was everything that I pictured in Edward Cullen. He protrayed the character so well I couldn’t even stand it. I’m so glad that he is signed on for the next three movies (:

  40. Alycia Cullen says:

    OMG I saw him in Harry Potter and I freaked he is so gorgeous! he was in my head as I read Twilight and I’m completely in love with him. he was amazing as Edward. Screw McDreamy he is my McSparkly lol

  41. Yeah I feel like a total loser cuz I am 24 but I am a huge fan. I feel bad for the guy I have been watching interviews and you can see how nervous he is when it comes to a large group of people. I cant enough imagine what it is like to be hounded like that.

  42. OMG!!! I have never read any of the TWILIGHT books, but after i saw the movie i was completly reading them all!!! they are the best and while i am reading the TWILIGHT book Rob and Kristan’s faces pop up in my mind!!! Sooooo going to write an autograph will be an AWESOME birthday present for my upcoming birthday!!!!!! yay i <3 edward AND ROB!!!!!

  43. so i just want to say i have seen the movie 5 times already…yet it doesnt get goal is ten…im not a screaming teen nope im 23 yeah ive been following robert since i first saw him back in harry potter ive been a huge fan…just wanted to say i love the movie i love the books and i love the fact that he was able to capture edward in such a way that i couldnt imagine anyone else doing great job!

  44. omg i love rob pattinson sooo much! he was AH-MAZING in twilight and i cannot wait for the other movies to come out. his pictures are all over my computer, room, and locker at school– hahaha!!!!! omg i am definitely sending him mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE ADDRESS!


  45. i love u robert

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    i love robert pattinson so much! i hope he sends me his autograph!!!!!


    lol 🙂

  48. robert pattison is so hot!!!! i would give a million to meat u and get yr autograph

  49. Edwardbitespillow says:

    Robert Pattinson is soooo hot. my friends kept laughing at me during the movie whenever i would start freaking out when he cme on screen. haha o well…thanks for putting up his address!:)

  50. BloomingRose says:

    Dear Robert Pattinson, I kind of sad for you, I mean I think of what you must go through daily about you must get the oddest fan mail. You also must have the obsessive fans to. Well, I don’t know if they relies this but you not the Edward from twilight, but you’re the person who acted as him in the movie. However, due to this they think you’re the most charming person ever. However, I don’t think they realize that you are a normal person. I don’t know if they realize that you probably every other weekend you go out with your friends and have a drink or two. You shop like any other person, your normal. Most will not see past the fact you an actor, you are supposed to act as the person who you are playing. You played Edward but you are not Edward. You’re normal, you’re who you are not some fictional character from a book, a play, or a movie. I feel really bad for you fans that put their hearts out to you. I feel most embarrassed for them when they ask you to marry them. I sorry fan people but he’s normal but still is complicated as any other person you know. If I ever past him by on the street I wouldn’t even talk to him, you know why because he himself would probably be creped out by it and embarrassed. Well that’s all I have to say. I will never see Rob Pattinson in my life because I live in an isolated village, in Quebec, in Canada. There are a grand total of 120 people and that’s pushing it. And no I don’t speak a word of French. So good bye and good luck with the whole obsessive fan thing.

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