Filming Site Revealed

According to TDN, that serves the Columbia Valley, the Twilight movie will be using Kalama High School as a shooting location during the school’s spring break.  Whether or not Forks High School will be used at all is not at this time known. They may use Forks HS for exterior shots, but this high school for interiors.

Also, while I am at it, yes we are aware of the rumors circulating around the net. At this time they are just that–rumors. I wouldn’t put too much stock in anything until it is officially released by Stephenie or Summit. In other words, do the words "Colton Haynes" and staying up until 3:00am for Tory’s big announcement ring any bells?

Lastly, the fact that Summit is having an open casting for Jacob Black does not mean other parts have not been cast. It means they just haven’t announced it. Remember that movies are not shot in chronological order. Jacob has a small part in Twilight.  It is not a big deal not to have that part at this point.


  1. anonymouse says:

    From the Lex:

    “I wouldn’t put too much stock in anything until it is officially released by Stephenie or Summit. In other words, do the words “Colton Haynes” and staying up until 3:00am for Tory’s big announcement ring any bells?”

    — Tory was someone who posted a while back that Colton Haynes was chosen to play Edward. Well, that ended up not being true. So I think what the Lex is saying is just to not rely on anyone who says they know stuff, that they know who’s been cast, etc., because it will likely end up being as untrue as what “Tory” posted.

  2. anonymouse says:

    Kalama Middle School and Kalama High School appear to be in the same building. When you go to the Kalama HS website, the greeting message says Kalama Middle School–probably because they’re the same campus.

  3. anonymouse says:

    Kalama is located in WA state, but is kind of close to Portland, OR. I think Kalama is probably about 40 miles north of Portland and a few hundred miles south of Seattle.

  4. Bella_twilight says:

    I was confused about the rumors too, but now I’m good 😀 Thank god Robert is still playing Edward *sigh* Me and my friend are planning on going to Kalama on spring break, doing some Edward hunting 😉 Can’t wait!!! OOOH and does anyone know if they actually ARE shooting in Vancouver? If you could let me know, that would be fantastic!

  5. this is sooo fricken exciting!!! i cannot wait 2 see it

  6. anonymouse says:

    I haven’t read anywhere that they’re filming in Vancouver, WA, or even Vancouver, Canada. All I’ve heard is Portland (although they might have been referring to the filming at Kalama High), Port Angeles (which might be referring to Forks, which is close by), and Los Angeles.

    Anyone else have info. regarding filming sites?

  7. anonymouse says:

    Oh, and yeah, I am sooo excited, too. My friend & I are going to try to go to Kalama and do some major Edward stalking (the good kind, though, not the scary paparazi kind)! 🙂

    I’m sooo glad, too, that Robert is still playing Edward!

  8. Bella_twilight says:

    Los Angeles!!!??? What, I never heard that they we’re shooting there :S

  9. anonymouse says:

    Oops, my bad. I think I was confusing myself about Los Angeles. I think I read somewhere that the recent clip of Robert was taken in LA. Sorry about that! So, it’s just Kalama HS/Portland, and Forks/Port Angeles.

  10. MyLifeAddictionEdward says:

    Oh my gosh!! Im going to have to visit there when i go on my Trip to washington! I’ll call it my Twilight vacation plan Olympic park,forks,indian reservation,and now kalama high school!! they’ll be filming by then!!! yay!!


    Spring break in Vancouver, here I come! 🙂

  12. but that Colton guy looks mysteriously like Edward does in my head… whatever, Cedric (yea i call him that) will be fine i think.

    i hate that we cant get any good pictures of the inside of the school…..

  13. OMGosh. We’re not from another planet. I GO to Kalama High School, played soccer for the girls soccer team, am on the drama club, and I am graduating this year. I’m so glad that this is happening before I leave for college. And I’ve also been to Forks.

  14. This is a different “Hannah”, by the way, than the one who posted a comment before the one succeeding this one.

  15. anonymouse says:

    Hannah/the one who goes to Kalama HS:

    Give us the scoop about your school! I don’t know what, but just anything. Like, what’s your cafeteria like, lol?

  16. It’s just a normal cafeteria. Big and stark and noisy. With 2 run-down microwaves and a bunch of circular tables. It adjoins to the room where we walk in to get out food. And sorry about sounding so arrogant beforehand. It’s just like… we do have Twilight fans at Kalama too. Who check the websites daily about news. So… yeah.

  17. The “Got Milk?” posters are a given.

  18. anonymouse says:

    Hannah: Well, yeah, it’s pretty clear your school has a lot of Twilight fans based on what your principal said:

    “The girls, they just, I thought they were going to have a heart attack. They already knew about the book,” Hamilton said. “Some of the kids are really very excited.”

    I can totally imagine how those girls must have felt–or have screamed after hearing the news! It would be so cool to see your school when you watch the movie–and for it to be the Twilight movie! Oh my gosh!

  19. edward loves nicole says:

    the school looks perfect for the movie. i can already imagine Robert walking those hallways. 🙂

  20. heehee..
    me too. i can imagine them walking there…sigh.

    I would LOVE to be obsessed with the book and go to that school. I would have a heart attack.

  21. AH im sooo excited! i wish i could go to kalama high school over spring break and see robert!!!! im soo jealous!

  22. Meh, I can’t wait for the next book and for the movie to come out. I’ll have to start reading other books and watching other movies to keep myself alive!!!

  23. omg omg.
    the twilght movie is rlly goin to come out
    omg *faint*
    u pppkl who go to k h/s r so freakin luuuuky1

  24. I’m happy with the school they chose. It looks Twilight Worthy just from the pictures I saw on their site. =)

  25. Thanks Hira!

  26. Does anyone have the pictures of the school of the INSIDE. i was just so curius because the pic. from the site i can bearly see them.

    Just imagine when the movie is done, the school is going to a fild trip to go see Twilight because there school is in it, that would be so AWSOME 🙂

  27. Sorry being a pain in the butt here but just a question popped in my head………….in the movie are they really going to be the Chinooks.

  28. Oh, that’s so awesome. I wish my highschool got picked. But, I do live all the way in Wisconsin. So no chance of that. xD

    I can’t wait for the movie. It’s unbelievable that it’s actually happening. =D

  29. I love the place !
    I can’t wait for the movie

  30. readingispassion says:

    wow this is so unreal…i cant belive its really happening

  31. VampireLoverxoxo says:

    243 miles from Kalama highschool. Roadtrip time 😀

  32. Edward_Fan101 says:

    VampireLoverxoxo: Your so lucky!

  33. Bella_twilight says:

    You got that right! lol only 429 km away!! lol I know it’s longer, but hey, it’s only 5 hours!!!!

  34. yea, colton haynes sucks..
    Robert Pattison is way better!!!
    Those girls that go to the school are sooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!

  35. I can only imagine how excited the twilight fans at that school are…

  36. *Twilight* says:

    i wish i went to KHS. I’m so happy they picked that school to film the movie. i want to know how the inside looks like. i guess i got to wait for the movie =)

  37. I am so happy I live in Washington…
    And its only a 2 hour trip to KHS, time to see a movie in making!

  38. bellawannabe620 says:

    i wish i could go there so bad!!! the people who go there are so lucky…

  39. i used to live so close to that! but then i moved to Utah! i know exaclty where that is and everything

  40. forks high are the spartons so i would hope they would not be the chinooks in the movie. i mean in the book they don’t even mention the mascott so they wouldn’t even need to add it. i really hope that the movie will be as close to exactly as the book as possible.

  41. In as much as sports isn’t really a key thing in Twilight, I doubt that they really be bringing up the school mascot.

  42. Does anybody know if that press release on January 30 is really going to happen? I am a little sceptical, so I’m trying to not get my hopes up… yet =) A little clarification of any kind would be appreciated.

  43. why is everyone obssesed with Robert? he isn’t even hot or anything.
    i think that other guy Colton should be Edward.

  44. I totally agree. I also had someone else in mind for Edward. But more important than looks, Robert can act.

  45. haha, I bet today is the most hits the schools website has had in a while 😀
    I really hope that they only use it for interior shots though, because remember Forks High is described as not looking like a regular high school (Bella, thinking: where was the sense of institution?)…

  46. I was in the first class that my principal told, working on the school newspaper. And he just popped in and said, “Hey! Here’s a good story. Hollywood just called and signed on to shoot here.” First it was like, just, shock, and then I was screaming my head off and ran to tell our Drama club advisor. And about my earlier post… I was just a teensy little bit irritated that people were talking about us like we were these back-water hicks.

  47. Hello, I am Hannah’s friend, I also go to KHS, we knew before TDN did that our school would be used.

    Our school? Ok… in the cafeteria there used to be a pickle stuck on the ceiling for about 10 years. It came down though *sad day*. The elemenary is a separate building, but still on the same property, and yes the middle and high school are cramped into 1 building.

    And for anyone who is thinking of doing some ‘stalking’, there is such a thing as security… Sorry to burst your bubble. Robert and Kristen are people too… They poop. And I’m pretty sure that they are human… Yup. And Kalama people aren’t total jerks. We’re actually quite nice. We’re just trying to make a point.

    Anyway – the school; the lockers suck (they haven’t been replaced sinced the 1970’s)… Hannah and I have been lucky enough to get lockers that actually worked for 2 years in a row. There’s way to much drama for the size. Um… With the middle and high school students combined, there are roughly 600-650 students. Only three floors… and too many stairs. I can’t think of any more…

    Honestly, I do not think the movie people will change the school’s name from the Spartans to the Chinooks, because in TDN article our principle said that the production company will pay for any improvements… Like paint. So ultimately our school will become the Spartans (whom we have played against in soccer and won the four games that took place). And the “improvements” will probably stay there.

  48. Right about now I’m wishing that I could go to KHS during my spring break, rather then Disney…. Oh well, maybe I’ll see Renee’s house on my way there… (Disney is near Jacksonville, right?)

  49. Why why why did i have to live in Australia? i would so be there if i could… maybe evn try for an extra or something….. but no i had to be thousands of miles away 🙁

  50. English but the same 🙁

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