Alphie and Pelirroja Meet Stephenie

It’s Saturday morning and we had a wonderful time with Stephenie yesterday. For more details, and, of course pictures, vist this link on the message boards.



  1. *dies*

  2. Raezyn101 says

    -nodnod- Too right..Tiffanie has it right..xD

  3. that is great that you guys had fun! I wish I could have come though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hellish Red Devil says

    That is too awesome for words! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Michelle says

    awesome!! i would love to have met stephenie!!!!! And you guys got to get a glimpse of the stuff that she’s working on. awesome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh man… that’s so cool!! (I’m loss for words…. :))

  7. Michelle and I met up at Book Expo. She was struck with the brilliant idea of creating a place to discuss New Moon. It had to be private so we wouldn’t spoil it for everyone. The community, Twilight_ARCS, is now up and running on livejournal. To join, we ask you to answer some questions. These are just to be sure you have read the book. We look forward to discussing the book with you!

  8. Lomesir22 says

    ^ Boo. I haven’t read it. *pouts*

  9. Obsidian Crystal says


    That is so awesome!
    You got to meet and look at stuff she was working on?!
    All at once.

    And we don’t even get “New Moon” over here until next year!

    You are so LUCKY!

  10. Wow! Sounds like you had heaps of fun!

    Can’t wait to read New Moon.


  12. my all time favorie book! please tel me there is going to be a second!!

  13. Edward fanatic says

    ^ o yay a newcomer! welcome! u’ll soon be as obsessed as we all are ..anyways I COULDNT BE MORE ENVIOUS!! the fact that they acctually talked to stephenie and saw the material shes been hiding from us all AMAZES ME! all i can say is AARRRRRRGH!!

  14. AWESOME!!!

  15. iluvedward says

    hahah im in 2008 right now

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