First update!

Well, we’ve been up for almost a day now and we already have an update and a correction.  Our first update comes in the mythology section on strength.  Check it out when you get a chance.

Also, we found out that the e-mail address given for the lexicon wasn’t working.  We have corrected the problem and you can now send us e-mails.  I apologize for any trouble this caused any of you. 

Thank you all for the feedback thus far.  I’m so glad fans are enjoying this as much as we have!  Feel free to use the comments link here on the main page and share your thoughts with us. 



  1. DanceUntilDawn says

    This place is great! I love the idea of having a website I can refer to for anything on Twilight, so I was definitely excited to see a link here from Stephenie Meyer’s website.
    Keep up the good work! =)

  2. Twilight sems so much different now that I’ve heard everyone’s story (well at least, somewhat). But, you know, in a good way.

  3. artemismoon says

    Wow there’s so much new stuff on this website! It’s awesome!! I’m so glad there’s a website with Twilight information, coolness!!

  4. Awesome work. I love it. Kudos to ya’ll for the idea and actually doing it.

  5. this is AWESOME!!! im overjoyed that you all have worked on this! I have been dying to find out more information.(even though i’ve read it plenty of times!)

  6. violet_twilight says

    I have re-read Twilight so many times, it seems to be apart of me now. I’m so glad that there is more Twilight-related stuff. I thought I was going to go positively mad!

  7. hey you know what would be cool?
    if you guys had clair de lune playing in the background of the site. that would be so awesome to me.

    in my opinion anyway.

  8. *sigh* aww!

  9. that’s so cool…who knew the lex would get so big!

  10. Hi webmaster!

  11. Hi webmaster!

  12. i love this website its soo cool and offers so much background info that you wouldnt find in the book. many of my curious questions have been answered by reading the personal correspondence sections. i love those! i do have question though. we know edward has gone to medical school twice but im curious to know if rosalie has gone to college and if so, what has she studied?

  13. I love this website and the information on it is absolutely amazing!
    i was extremely dissapointed however, when i read first update. I had thought it would be about updates on Breaking Dawn, but i found that this was not the case.

    It would be GREAT if there would be updates for SM’s fourth and final book in the series

  14. Love the site. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it to make it a fun, fascinating place to be!

    I do hope to see Midnight Sun completed sometime in the future. And, I guess I’m being a tad greedy here, Edward’s POV in the last three books too. His sense of humor and personalitiy (as well as the rest of his family), would make for a most exceptional, enjoyable read. Beyond a doubt!

  15. i love this website
    it helps me understand the books so much clearer now
    ive read the 1st 2 books and i am eager to read the last 2
    but i hope she will continue to write more twilight books after that
    i love you stephanie meyer your an amazing author
    my life is like wrapped around your books
    i can actually feel myself in them
    it is amazing
    i cant wait to read the full version of midnight sun!
    i love the rough draft dispite the fact that your embarrased by it
    i though it was fantastic
    i cant say which version i enjoy more, edward or bellas!
    their both so creative and imaginative
    just wanted to say i appreciate your writings
    feel free to email me!

  16. farinaymaizena says

    I really enjoy all the extra information that you’ve collected here but my question is still burning even though it’s small and slightly insignificant. I would really love to know witch 50’s Song is Edward singing while driving Bella’s Chevy at the beginning of Twilight’s Chapter 14 Mind Over Matter? -M.

  17. Renesmee/Bella says

    I absolutely LOVED Breaking Dawn. =)

  18. Sarah Williams says

    I really hope steph will finish midnight sun! it is wonderful! i would also like to see somemore of the good story with no drama! renesme growing up, jacobs and ger story as well as a just some more of anything with edward and bella!!!! i feel like its my life and its unfinished. im addicted to twilight its my herion and i need another few hits!!!!

  19. cant believe i’ve only just found this site!i hope you do have a scan through all these messages stephanie,i want you to know that your wonderful way with words is something i have never come across before.i love all the twilight books and would so love to finish reading midnight sun and hopefully the accompaniments to new moon,eclipse and breaking dawn,its so good to read twilight and understand all the little things that bella doesnt(upto chapter 10)!im just starting on the host and i think thats going to pull me in just as much as the twilight saga has!thank you so much for brightening up my very dull world with your magical stories!

  20. i absolutley love the twilight books, stephanie is a awesome writer, i cant remember the last time i picked up a book and couldnt put it down certainly not since having my children so at least 2 and a half years. i really really hope stephanie publishes midnight sun the partial draft is amazing and i would love her to write all the books from edwards view i would certainly buy them. it was fab seeing reading what edward did and felt after meeting bella. have not long finished reading all the books(less than a week) and already want to start them over. Thank you for writing these amazing books and i agree with another comment that i would love to read more about them, renesemee growing up what happens with her and jacob and just generally anything to do with bella edward and the rest of the cullens.

  21. savannah (junior) says

    i lve the frist book and i am go to buy the 2 book this fraday i hope i like and i can help my slef from reading all over aging i am read the 1 one 36 time right now

  22. Nice to see people still writing in! I just discovered the series about 9 weeks ago and I deeply, deeply appreciate Lexicon’s feeding my addiction in between the 5 times I have read each of the 4 main books (2 for Bree Tanner and 5-6 for the partial draft of MS — feel so pathetic for REREADING a DRAFT but it is fabulous, isn’t it?) as well as rewatching the movies. Looking forward to BD the movie, and grateful for the weekly Twitter summaries — you guys are like a one-stop drug supplier for me! Thank you!

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