Edward and Nessie


  1. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know EVERYONE says this,butttt,I am DIE-HARD FANATICAL FAN!!! LOL I’m not a crazy person,but i would be BEYOND THRILLED to meet Robert,OR Kristen,or BOTH!! I LOVE both of them!! I know they are going through a very tough time right now,but i’m not here to judge,one way or the other! I am a commited fan to both,& that won’t change…EVER,& i can say that with 100% confidence,because i am not a teenager just going through some “phase”!!!!! I wish Soooooooooooo bad that i could afford to come see them in person (Too bad i can’t!!) anyway’s Rob,& Kristen,i hope you 2 love each other enough to work it all out,but if not,i know your only human (LOL..NO PUN INTENDED!!) & that you have to live your lives & do whats best for the oth of you,whether tat’s together,OR apart (But,i hope it’s together!!)…Anyway’s best of wishes & luck to you both!!!!! Your BIGGEST,MOST LOYAL,NON CRAZY..LOL FAN FOREVER & ALAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely,Becky Lyn Woods 🙂

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