1. Janine Lieber says:

    Even though “Breaking Dawn” is merely a movie based on a book, there is no denying the poignant romance within the story which touches the heart and speaks to the power of true love.

  2. Aleksandra Fenyvesi says:

    ez tokjo…

  3. , ILOVE TWLIGHT SO MUCH ! im a freek wheen ids comes to twlight

  4. I want to win!!

  5. How do you enter!!??? :'(

  6. erm, how do you enter? because it doesnt say, and i really want to win!? 🙂

  7. Patti Prasad says:

    “What’s a wedding without a little drama?” Want to win!

  8. Want to win.

  9. tiffany sanchez says:

    I <3 them…..;)

  10. I do!!!!!

  11. Stephen Miller says:

    100 sweepstakes?

    Is that how you enter? wtf

  12. i doo

  13. “I DO” Sweepstakes

  14. Kristen Doolittle says:

    I do!!!!!

  15. natalie young says:

    I DO……..

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  17. liz salamanca says:

    “I do”

  18. I DO…
    Myself and the girlfriend are huge, huge fans. We would love a chance to win tickets to the premiere.

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