Twilight Saga Super Giveaway!

(Please note the picture is a representation of what these items may look like. For example the stickers, hats, skins, and buttons come in multiple styles. Your prize pack will not match 100% of the graphic.)

Today we have an awesome prizepack giveaway.Β  The prizepack includes:

An ECLIPSE duffel bag (LIMITED EDITION bags that were given out to the cast & crew after THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE wrapped production) that is stuffed with:

ECLIPSE Basic Logo Men’s XL shirts
ECLIPSE Soundtrack CD
ECLIPSE Purse (Lion in Moon) or ECLIPSE Purse (Wolfpack Tatoo) you will receive only one randomly selected version of this purse
ECLIPSE Puzzle (Ravensburger 1000 Piece)
ECLIPSE Mini Poster
ECLIPSE Skin for iPhone
NEW MOON Mini Posters Signed by Stephenie Meyer
NEW MOON Soundtrack
NEW MOON Baseball Cap
TWILIGHT Ring (Carlisle’s Crest)
TWILIGHT Edward Keychain

If you want to enter the to win (sorry limited to US residents only) just tell us in the comments what your favorite item in the prizepack is. We’ll pick a random winner at 11:59pm est December 30, 2010.

Also remember if you haven’t gotten an Eclipse DVD yet (or maybe you just got a Blu-Ray for Christmas and you want to splurge for the new toy), there is an $8.00 off coupon found here.


  1. i have to say the poster signed by stephenie meyer because she is were twilght begins πŸ™‚

    • I’m not sure if my comment posted so im replying too.
      I would love love love to have a Carlisle Cullen Crest ring. Carlisle is my favorite Cullen(besides Edward). GO Peter Facinelli!!
      I cant wait until Breaking Dawn comes out becuase im nott satisfide with just reading the the book.:P

  2. i would get the wolf pack purse cuz i couldn’t find those lol and the autograph would perfectly with my twilight book with her signature also πŸ™‚

  3. Linda Kochanski says:

    I would say it is a toss-up between the New Moon soundtrack and the Eclipse soundtrack. Loved the music in all the movies. I just wish that Robert Pattinson had more music in these movies.

  4. Jessica Price says:

    My favorite item would be the ECLIPSE duffel bag.

  5. My Favorite Is The Duffel Bag.

  6. My favorite item in the prize pack?

    The Cullen Crest Ring.

    Ever since I saw one just like it on Peter Facinelli’s finger in Twilight, I’ve been in love with it.

    It would be awesome to be able to have one like it.

  7. I love ECLIPSE The Score CD!

  8. Jennifer Gibson says:

    I would really like to have Carlisle’s Crest Ring. The meanings of each item on the crest is very true to how the Cullens live. It is such an honor for them to bestow the crest to anyone who joins their family.

  9. It’s a tie…
    1. The proposal picture because that was the moment I was waiting for since reading the first book.

    2. The soundtrack, because it added so much emotion to the movie!!

    Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  10. My favorite are the New Moon posters signed by Stephenie Meyer, I think that’s awesome!

  11. I’m digging the mini poster signed by Stephanie. : )

  12. I have two favorites, first off the purse!! I could sport my Twilight love everywhere I go!!! πŸ™‚ and then I would love to have the poster signed by Stephenie Meyer, she is the best!!! <3

  13. The duffle bag! (: NEED THAT. <3

  14. Andrea Newkirk says:

    Eclipse Puzzle- love putting them together, sealing them, and putting them in frames to hang up!

  15. The T-shirt!

  16. Oh wow, the SM autographed mini posters are TOO EXCITING!!!!! Those are definitely my favorites!

  17. Twilight ring!!!!! <3

  18. Hmm, it’s a tie between the Twilight ring and the Eclipse duffle bag. Okay, it’s the duffle bag. How cool to have something that’s not only a rare Twilight item but it’s also useful for packing for those Twi-related trips. πŸ˜‰

  19. Marie Cullen says:

    NEW MOON MINI POSTERS signed by Stephenie Meyer. Priceless.

  20. NEW MOON Mini Posters Signed by Stephenie Meyer

  21. The ring with the Cullen Crest. Gorgeous!

  22. The T-shirt looks gorgeous!

  23. My favorite item is the posters.

  24. Stephanie meyer poster for sure!


  26. Jen Robinson says:

    I’d have to say a tie between the signed mini-poster and the lion in moon purse (although if I won I’d probably end up with the Wolfpack tattoo purse, LOL).

    NO ONE ELSE WOULD HAVE IT!!! Well except the cast and crew…

  28. My favorite item in the pack is the poster signed by Stephenie Meyer!

  29. Honestly the duffel bag would be the best, but then the soundtrack would be great. They’re all great gifts. Thanks for running the drawing.

  30. The Twilight Edward keychain! So cool! Thanks!

  31. I love the signed posters, I would freak out if i won!!!!!!!

  32. The Eclipse puzzle because I never finished a 1000 piece puzzle and this will change that status.

  33. The soundtrack coz I want to give it to my sister.

  34. Deanna Willis says:

    Definately the posters signed by STEPHENIE!!! Pick me πŸ™‚

  35. Well, I would have to say every iteam is the best but since I have to pick just one it would be The Score soundtrack. I love to listen to the music over and over again I just haven’t been able to get this soundtrack yet and have been wanting it since I saw the movie and it came out. I would be extremly greatful if and when I am picked.

  36. Honestly the duffel bag would be the best but after that I think the signed poster. Afterall Stephenie started the whole thing and anything autographed is pretty cool.

  37. I would love the twilight ring with Carlisle crest,because i loved the video of him from MTV were he kept flashing it to the camera.

  38. I love it all the more twilight stuff the better<3

  39. The poster signed by Steph would be soooo awesome to own!!

  40. The Twilight bracelet! I have wanted one for a while now! I love jewelry. =)

  41. The best prize is the sighed poster!!

  42. Favorite item in the pack has to be the Eclipse Tshirt. I need one of those!

  43. Eclipse the Score CD πŸ˜€ Ah I love the scores so so so much!

  44. I love everything, but especially the iphone skin!

  45. I love every single item! Anything Twilight is my number one choice πŸ˜‰
    The Poster signed by Stephenie Meyer herself is an amazing addition to the package because without Stephenie we would never have any of the other products.

  46. My favorite thing in the prize pack is the duffel bag. Of course all of it is good. I’d love to rock the shirt as well an the IPhone skin would b nice. Plus who wouldn’t want the signed posters:)

  47. jessica sims says:

    My favorite is carlisles crest ring

  48. All prizes are great but since I have to choose only one I choose the Score soundtrack. I love to listen to the music but, I haven’t been able to get this soundtrack yet so it would mean so much to get it.

  49. Eclipse: The Score CD! Ah I love Twilight so so so much! Thanks for giving us this world we love to get lost in!

  50. I like the little handbag the best. I wouldn’t mind having a shirt either, it looks like a good one to sleep in πŸ™‚

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