Just For Fun: What Twilight Spin-Off/Sequel Would You Want?

The rumors of a Bree Tanner movie in the works proved to be false; however, there’s lots of material and possibilities in the Twilight universe.

MTV has a poll up talking about some of those possibilities as far as movies go. Here’s what they came up with:

“Midnight Sun.” Even if it’s just as encouragement for Stephenie Meyer to finish the book.

“The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” Bree deserves to have her story told!

The Volturi. Even after the events of “Breaking Dawn,” there’s probably more drama to tell.

Renesmee and Jacob. We want to see them have a romance in a non-creepy way.

Carlisle Cullen. His early days as a vampire could easily have their own film trilogy.

So which one would you like to see as a movie or as a book? Let us know in the comments.

Also vote over on MTV and see where you stand compared to other fans.


  1. I want to see something with the Romanian Coven. I love Stefan and Vladimir. Or maybe the Egyptian Coven and Amazon coven….. that would be cool.

  2. Umm…I’m a very greedy person when it comes to Twilight. ๐Ÿ˜› So just one thing is never enough for me. I’d want movies for all of them! I don’t think any of the characters are uninteresting or too small. They’re all pretty fascinating. It’d be so cool if they could all have their own backstory. I’m dying to read the actual printed copy of Midnight Sun. I felt way too guilty to peek at the leaked chapters. So I’m left with nothing. I’m so happy Stephenie gave us something to appease our thirst for more of Twilight. I’ve got nothing to do for one whole slow year, but to wait impatiently for the first part of Breaking Dawn. I guess I’ll just re-read the whole Twilight Saga again and again and watch the first three movies again and again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Carlisle please!! I loooove him and there is sooo much of his story untold!! Carlisle, Carlisle, Carlisle!!

  4. My vote, in order of preference: 1. Midnight Sun; 2. Carlisle’s back story and the other Cullens’ back stories; 3. Jacob and Renesme; 4. Voluturi; 5. Bree.

    But the first two should be a “requirement”!!! Thank you Stephanie Meyer for the beautiful stories of all these wonderful characters.

  5. Well, I know what I DON’T WANT… please don’t make any more story of Bree. Please? Thank you.

  6. I’d be most intersted in Midnight Sun in book form only – not a movie. It might be interesting to get the backstory on the Volturi, but in my mind, Edward and Bella have always been the heart of Twilight. Without a strong presence from both of them, a book centering around other characters wouldn’t be something I’d be as emotionally invested in. I read Bree, and found myself racing to get to the battle scene just to “see” Edward and Bella again.

  7. I would love to see all of them. But, if forced to choose, I would love Midnight Sun, or the Volturi, or any Cullen story.

  8. i’m not that interested in reading edwards point of view. i’d like to see the volturi story because it was obvious that it wasn’t their final attempt for war in breaking dawn. carlisle’s story would be cool to read too. but the one story that i would LOVE to read is the jacob and renesmee’s. i read soooo many fanfictions about it. but reading what stephenie meyer writes would feel original.

  9. I would love a spin-off based on the history of Jasper and Alice up to when they joined the Cullens. That’s what I want to see/read.

  10. Omg! It would be soo cool to have a movie based on Midnight Sun!! It also would be great to knw how Nessie and Jacob’s love story would blossom, with Nahule had been introduced!

  11. I think to make Renesmee and Jacob’s story would also be really cool. As long as the Twilight Saga never end- I’m cool.

  12. I am a huge twilight fan and will be rereading the books until i am the ripe old age of Bella’s Grandma in her dream. However, Bree Tanner as a movie? To me the novella started in such an odd place, i didnt feel that i really got to know bree as a character no history/family background/ordinary life major fleshing out, i dont see how it could possibly be a movie.
    Having said that a carlisle backstory movie would be completely ENTHRALLING! I love his story, wow i would love to see that…
    and as always i would LOVE to beg stephenie to finish midnight sun, for all the fans out there who hold this story deep in their heart BUT I know that wont do any good. So please stephenie we beg of you NOT to finish midnight sun!

  13. Noah Brighten says:

    In truth the most important thing right now for SM and co. to do, is simply to expand their universe. I’m not a huge fan of backstories, unless you need to see the backstory, in order to resolve an issue at hand.

    As for Bree Tanner… We don’t need to see it as a movie, as it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Eclipse already incorporated several parts of Bree Tanner, so it would simply come off as a rehash and a cheap way to get more money out of Twi-hards. In short, there isn’t enough new content to merit a full fledge movie…

    Personally, besides seeing how Jake and Renesemee fair and the conclusion to Leah’s quest, I really want to see the end of the Volturi… They are so horrible… they so need to be wiped out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Anything to do with jasper. His human life, his newborn days..I’d love that

  15. love twilight says:

    I realy want SM to finish Midnight Sun
    & I think a Carlisle book will be awesome because we dont know him so well.
    a book about the Volturi could be nice but I prefer more of the Cullen’s.
    But as we all know ther’s no chance for neither of them as SM dont want to write about vampires now.
    I think we should try revers psychology.

  16. Am I the only one who would prefer for the movies to END forever when BD is done? They are ok but the craze around them is annoying. Not just the CRAZY fans that ruin it for everyone, but all the lame jokes that are made about the series, and about fans of the series.
    However I would get on my knees and beg for more books from SMeyer! I love the books and would prefer for her to pick up after BD ends or at least around that time. I would love Bella to stay the voice, but Nessie or Leah would be great too.

  17. I think they could do a whole different book on New Moon and what Edward did during this time…we could find out how he tried to track Victoria, what adventures he had, what the rest of the family was doing during his absence, and how or if he was checking up periodically on Bella’s life without him.

  18. Midnight sun – finish it Stephenie,please.

  19. CullenLover says:

    Definitely Carlisle’s early history ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Renesmee & Jacob, or Carlisle’s history ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I think it would be cool if there was a story that focused on James. James and his coven in James’ POV up until he dies. I wanna know what goes through his head when starts tracking victims.

  22. I would love to read a finished copy of “Midnight Sun.” I loved the little bit that SM posted on her website and it would be amazing to get to read the whole story. I think a story on Alice would be nice. I loved her character and it would be nice to see her back story fleshed out. People might hate me for saying this, but I never liked Nessie and Jacob together. It just kind of struck me as odd. I can see them growing up to be best friends and be close to each other (like Jacob was to Bella), but I cant see them two being involved with one another. It would be like she is dating her cousin or brother. I think she would be great with Nahuel (other half human, half vampire). So by reading all of the comments that have been posted so far, I think that I would really like SM to write a Breaking Dawn 2. I loved that book and I would love to see how Nessie grew up and how Bella, Edward, and the rest of the Cullens made out.

  23. Renesmee and Jacob.
    It would make an excellent book and your garentend all new matiral and all of our favorite characters back.

  24. renesmee and jacob <3

  25. Midnight Sun!!! I want to read EDWARD thouhts/feels so bad. SM has this way of making EDWARD express himself that I am just dying to read!! =D
    More than just how he falls in love but about his life before Bella =D

    Renesmee growing up and her adult relationship with Jacob. Jacob deserves his love story =D

    Alice’s & Jasper life before they meet…ending with how they felt in love =D

    Carlisle’s life n love story. He has so much history!!His world with da Volturi seems like an amazing story!! =D
    Rosalie and Emmet!! these two must hav one SWEET love story!! =D

    If any of these make it into a movie it would be great!!
    although having da printed copy of any of these stories would b more than AMAZING!!! so much greatness of our author is lost on da films, that to hav da hard-cover copy would b gift enough!!
    Robert n da rest r all amazing… but to me they r all in my head so when I read they r there =D so film of not is them in da pages!!
    SM is an awsome writer!! She can take u into the visuals better than any film can!!

    p.s. if none cant b ='( with EDWARD’s thoughts on paper I could b happy =D

  26. Carlisle’s backstory, and Alice & Jasper’s ๐Ÿ˜€ Though Nessie/Jacob could be interesting as well.

  27. i want to see renesmee puching jacob after knowing imprinting.

  28. i want to see renesmee puching jacob after knowing imprinting.i don’t weant her to end with nahuel either.it will be so cool if SM introducec a totally new character who is as beautiful as edward,tough like emmet,also let renesmee to do stuffs on her own like not being overprotective.being her lover and best friend.

  29. I would love to see Jacob and Renessmee later story told!

  30. Any of those would be great!! If I had to chose one I’d say Carlisle’s story. I think it’d be soooo interesting.

  31. I definitely think she should do a spin off of Jasper and Alice, I think their past is so rich! There’s so much to explore! We learned a bit in Eclipse about Jasper, but I wanna know more about his human self and how he got changed and so forth. And Alice! Her past is such a big mystery! I know what her past was like! And I want to see where their future is heading(: Their relationship is my favorite(: but i think thats just cause I’m 100% TEAM JASPER &Alice is amazing! Yes, if she were to make one it should totally be on them!!!!

  32. i would love to see renesmee and jacob love story!!!

  33. i hope Stephenie Meyer can finish and publish her book about mermaids which she said some time ago that she had been working on. everyone, including SM, should take a break from the vampires ~

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