The Official I Have Seen Eclipse and This Is What I Think Post


Let’s face it. We all know that the critics don’t get Twilight. They think we are all 13, or we are middle-aged and run around in sparkly glitter all day long. But at the end of the day, we like what we like. We know who we are. We don’t need to defend it to every insipid critic who just doesn’t get that it’s our brand of heroin and we weren’t looking for or mistaking it for War and Peace. It’s just something we like, PERIOD.

So, in the words of Producer Wyck Godfrey who we ran into after a screening, “You people count. You people matter. The fans matter. Did you like it?”

Comment away, and obviously there will be spoilers!


  1. Okay, so the movie really was amazing! I am still processing it…and having a hard time doing so since I am exhausted…of course the only night I’m up until 3am, both of my children were up at 5:30. Ouch! Here’s the thing: I loved it, thought it was so beautiful cinematically, but truly, I was bothered by how Bella and Edward still don’t seem really captured in the movies. Actually, I should say that Edward’s emotions are so much more clear, his love for her, etc., but he came across as a lunatic a few times! And Bella, well, I was so pleased to see her passionate towards him in so many scenes (the kissing was spectacular!) but if I didn’t know better from the books, i would have thought her feelings were much stronger for Jacob. I know it was necessary to flush out the love triangle and show that Bella had a choice, but I guess I am just so committed emotionally to B/E that it was more disturbing to me than the Jacob scenes in the book. In the movie, I think there was some obvious doubt about whether or not she really felt as strongly about Edward. I know I am being a little oversensitive…I get that…and I do want to reiterate that the movie was amazing, and I can’t wait to see it again! (and again, and again) Maybe I won’t be so defensive next time and will be able to enjoy the sweet scenes more ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I completely agree with you about B/E feelings not being properly expressed – it really bothered me. I felt like if someone had only seen the movies and not read the books they would not understand why Bella chose Edward. I wanted Bella to express her love for Edward more. I am also very emotionally committed to B/E. I’m glad someone else feels the same way I do.

  2. Oh man. Where to begin. I cannot find the words to describe how much I LOVED this movie! I’m seeing it again tonight, for sure. David Slade: You NAILED it. The essence of the characters was preserved so far above my expectations! Everyone really stepped it up!!! Edward…..Rob: You did it. You brought Edward to life in such a way that I didn’t think was possible. And can I just say that Riley was AMAZING!!!! Every single time he was on the screen, I was entranced by him! He embodied what a vampire in Stephenie Meyer’s world should be. He was beautiful, frightening, bloodthirsty, and ruthless. Loved him! I am so impressed with Bryce Dallas Howard. She brought Victoria to life for me. So good. ALSO. OH. MY. GOSH. JASPER. Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. I loved him. So gorgeous. I loved that they had more of the Cullen family present in the movie. I loved every moment with them!! I must mention Edward again. I loved him!! The proposal! Definitely my favorite part of the movie. I almost cried at the look of joy on his face when she said yes. Jake…..AGH!!!! As irrevocably team Edward as I am, I screamed when they first showed him on screen. Those three, Taylor, Rob, and Kristen, brought to life all that was good and painful about the love triangle in the book.

    All in all I was expecting to be let down in some way because it wasn’t possible that they could get everything right. Wrong. I have never been more pleased with a book to movie adaptation in my life.


  3. I saw it at 00:05 european time and I thought I would be sleepy ๐Ÿ™‚ but the action kept me awake ๐Ÿ™‚ It was tough to compress content of that book in just 2 hours and I think they did a great job! I was curious how the tent scene would be presented and it was very good. I loved backstory of Jasper and Rosalie, Xavier was also very good and convincing as Riley. I loved the scene when Edward proposed to Bella ๐Ÿ™‚ and the battle scene. I had a few laughts – Billy Burke is just made for Charlie role ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait for the Breaking Dawn!

  4. Kim Houseknecht says:

    Took my two daughters to the triple feature. For my younger daughter it was the first time that she was watching any of the movies. She grinned from ear to ear. Loved how so much of the book dialogue was in the movie and that even though D. Slade is known for horror films, he really got the romance. Battle scene had me on edge even though I knew what would happen.

  5. Adrielle says:

    I’ve not yet watch it and probably shouldn’t be commenting here but I’m just too thrilled for it! General reviews by fans are great and I’m heartened by that.

    Critics can called it “dumb” and whatever, but let the statistics do the talking.

  6. Went to the Twilight event at a local theater and saw all 3. Elipse was the best so far. David Slade did an amazing job!! Jackson did and amazing job. It was nice to see him shine. At first I thought it was jumping around a bit doing a few things out of order but as the movie went on it flowed seamlessly. I liked that you could see the growth with Bella throught the entire movie. Kristen was fantastic. She made Bella very believable. Robert also did and amazing job.
    Xavier shined as Riely. BDH did a terric job as Victoria. She stepped into the series in the role of well established character and nailed it. It was also very nice to see Rosalies back story. Nikki did a wonderful job! Peter shined as Carlise as usual. Billy Burks Charlie was spot on.

  7. Bella's Coven says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing experience I am a newbie to the whole twilight saga and watching all three movies back to back in theather was fantastic. My favorite is Eclipse and yes everyone has truly grow into thier acting for this third installment good luck to Bill Condon on the final movies you have a major job ahead of you.

  8. Wild ride. At times I felt like I was on the back of the bike with Jacob or moving through the forest with Edward at top speed. I am glad I took some anti-nausea med. My favorite post card scenes are the meadow scene, the first kiss scene with Bella and Jacob, RIley being chased and the united front of the Cullens before battle. I disagree with TL posts. I think he is great. Show stealers were Jackson Rathbone performance. Favorite moments were fight practice and jaspers storyline,Confrontation after first kiss, Bella and Charlie scenes, tent scene, and scene with Jacob and Bella second kiss. ACTION PACKED, BREATH HOLDING ADVENTURE, THAT LEAVES YOU BREATHLESS, & WIND BLOWN FROM THE ECLIPSE TRIP & LEFT WANTING………To GET BACK ON !!! Thxs to all the Twilight cast and crew. &. Special thxs to David Slade and Stephanie!!!

  9. TwilightinBigD says:

    I am going tonight. Most of the reviews on here has been good. I know the movie will not be like the book. I don’t want to be in the theater with a bunch of little girls screaming ever time that Midget T/L comes on screen. My god what would he be without the six pack. Take that away and all the screaming stops. He cannot act. Still i will go and see for myself

  10. LilliAnn says:

    Wow – it was great and I so need to see it again. The pace overall was a bit fast. There were a couple scenes that differed too much from the book and I didn’t care for BDH. She just didn’t look mean enough. It is a shame they didn’t keep Rachelle. Now things I loved, the one-liners and quips, it was funny. Edward was beyond beautiful, Charlie was a riot and loved the back stories for Jasper and Rosalie. The action and fighting was great too. I just really need to see it again.

  11. I LOVED every single minute of Eclipse…and that’s saying a lot since I loved the previous movies. I think I’d rank it as my favorite of the Twilight movies so far. And now I’ve got the uncontrolable need to re-vamp the books…need.more.Twilight!

  12. David Slade made a Twilight Saga version of a zombie movie. He totally missed the romance and longing that the first two directors captured. The fight scenes were amazing, but that’s not what we love about these books/movies, right?? Overall, I could have done without all the violence. And what happened to the crushed rose bedpost???? How could he leave that out??

  13. Nostalgicmiss says:

    I think regardless of the small parts left out and the slight rearranging on the timeline, it was perfect. They did what they had to to do to fit a novel into a movie and I think it did the plot justice, which was the whole point!

    The acting was amazing, the cinematography was beautiful and the action sequences were breathtaking. I loved the added histories of Rosalie and Jasper, and the slight insight to the happenings in Seattle were needed to help the audience (Who haven’t read the books!! They are out there!) some discernment on what was going on.

    The love triangle didn’t seem to be too exaggerated which I appreciated. It’s one of the main characters in the book, but Stephenie had this way of making you believe it was one sided right up until the end, which was exactly as the movie portrayed it.

    Of course the pivotal scenes that all of us fell in love with in the books was played out perfectly. The leg hitch, the tent scene, the battle, just to name a few.

    All in all I think they managed to condense Eclipse the novel into a well thought out movie, that carries the story along perfectly.

  14. Ok, from a TwiMom that just woke up:

    This is my favorite book of the series. I spotted a tweet from Peter Facinelli to all the fans right before they see the movie: He took a pic of a bag of donuts and a frozen latte with whipped cream from Dunkin’ Donuts. Being by myself, I LOL’d I must have looked like a lunatic. Look it up, it’s cute!

    I have had Bella’s engagement ring (like the movie) for a few days already. It meant a lot to me when the time came for Edward to propose, a gazillion times over and over. Marry me, marry me! Wow. The movie theater had lots of Team Jacob, as soon as he popped on the screen omg the screams!

    That said, there are a couple of scenes where the camera was obviously handheld and it was a bit weird. This movie is as close to the book as I can remember, and there were some lines altered a bit here and there that are from the book.

    The tent scene: Lots of anticipation for it, I expected it to last longer. The “I’m hotter than you” zinger was just awesome. Lots of howling in the movie theater. Taylor, kickass job for doing that with a straight face! ๐Ÿ˜› I wanted Rob to show a bit more frustrated Edward b/c he can’t comfort Bella.

    On the battle scene, I wanted to see the part where Embry brings to Edward Riley’s body parts to be burnt, and moving extremities. Not just dead, they are burned for a reason! The climax I read on the book about Edward being in shock and sayin’ “Sam, help him!” was missing and I believed Bella passing out, taking so much in makes her in the book a lot less robotic and more appealing.

    Jacob, broken bones and screaming tore me apart. I bet everybody in the movie theater just wanted to rush by his side and take care of him; I even did! Maybe it’s a mom thing, maybe a TwiHard thing.

    I will see it again, since I wanna take more people to see it with me, now that I checked it’s not gory.

  15. I must say, I was a bit hesitant about this movie at first because it is my favorite book in the series, and I knew if they ruined it for me, I’d be ruined for the movies thus far. I was soo pleasantly surprised, however. I think that David Slade did an excellent job and really brought out the characters in the actors. I have never been much of a Kristen Stewart fan and I really think she stepped it up in this movie. Rob did amazing, and is literally Edward personified. He looked sexier in this movie than all three combined, if that’s even possible. I thought the makeup was much better all around. I really think that Taylor did an excellent job as well, he did a good job of mixing the pain and the sarcasm. I’m glad they included a lot of lines from the book as well, though they did skip many of my favorites (especially when E gives B the bracelet). My only complaint is the pacing of the movie. I think it felt rushed for me, and makes it hard for those who didn’t read the book (although they are crazy) to follow it. I felt that the whole beginning of the movie was rushed but it started to slow down a little towards the end. I think the bedroom scene between Bella and Edward could have been a bit more fleshed out and no matter what, I knew I’d be a little disappointed with the Tent scene…although it did exceed my expectations. I think the chemistry between Edward and Bella was much more palpable and I literally melted when he finally proposed. I really like Bella’s monologue at the end too, I thought that was a nice addition. Overall, amazing. Cannot wait to see it again!

  16. Stephanie says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to offer up anything that hasn’t already been said but I truly loved it! From the previews and everything I was really expecting it to be the worst one yet but I honestly think it’s the best so far. The acting was way better than in the previous movies and I even felt like the makeup and CGI have improved. I’m so glad that they pulled some of my favorite lines directly from the book and everything just looked fantastic, except for a few bad wigs. Kristen still needs some acting lessons but Rob was looking mighty fine. My friend even almost hyperventilated at the Jacob/Bella kiss right before the fight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I loved it. The extra romance scene at the begenning wasn’t in the book but it was awesome.

  18. Missy Malachin says:

    It was amazing! Saw the Trilogy last night and this was definitely the best so far. Followed the book great, so many more characters really shined. Loved Charlie and Jasper in this movie. The action scenes were awesome. Loved all the funny lines and all the love scenes. This by far met my expectations and I cant wait to go see it again and again!

  19. That was amazing! The acting from Kristen, Rob and Taylor were completly spot on. And I loved Jackson Rathbone as Jasper! The pacing was great too, the movie moved very fast but I loved it that way. I really loved the bedroom scene and I also loved the Cullens mock fighs. Every battle/fight/chase scene was great! And the vampires looked awsome when they were running. The only part I didn’t like was when Bella actually cut herself for the fight with the rock. I guess they did it for the movie, but still. Over all I thought the acting was sooooooo GREAT! Kristen was defintly believable as Bella and I loved Rob in this one. Taylor also did great. I am going to see this movie many more times, it is definitly my favorite of the 3. Awesome. Thanks David Slade! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. veronica says:

    In my opinion, I loved this movie! It blew me away from the beginning to end. Almost everything was perfect. Almost.

    Ok, so what it really think they should have added, was more about IMPRINTING. Jacob only mentioned once, and it was only about Sam. I really think they should’ve added when Jacob told Bella about Jared and Kim, and especially Quil imprinting in 2 y/o Claire, and Bella freaking out about it, and Jacob explaining the truth about it. I think this was a really IMPORTANT part they left out. Why? Because now, when new people (who haven’t read the books) see BD, and Jacob imprinting on Nessie, they are going to think he is a child molester, and not understand the real meaning of it.

    Other than that, I loved everything else about this movie. Can’t wait to see it agin!

  21. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! The best one…Can Rob be more beautiful!!!!!! He was such an Edward…those smiles, those eyes, the pain, the restrain. Jacob was great too…his sense of humor….Bella was great…I love Charlie’s sex talk, proposal scene when Edward kisses her and lift her up…I was like I want to be Bella hahahahahahaha…Xavier…that guy can ACT!!!! Same thing with Jackson…the both did amazing jobs. I can see myself going 2,3,4,5,6+ times to the movies……I love it!!!!!!!I want more Edward…I felt in love again ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I need a “next page” on the bottom of the comments, to be able to turn and keep on reading, Lex.

  23. Claudia Martinez says:

    I am going to see it tonight at 7:30, and after reading a lot of the comments, they pretty much confirm what i already thought, the movie is gonna be amazing!
    cant wait(:
    Team Edward(:

  24. Dear David Slade:

    Thank you for cleaning up the horrific mess that the amateur Chris Weitz made of New Moon. There’s nothing you can do about the lack of acting skills in the three main characters, but the film looked beautiful and you managed to restore cinematic integrity to the series so that people other than Twilight fans might enjoy it.

    …this is what happens when they hire a director incapable of churning out a bad product. I thought the movie was great (especially compared to watching New Moon right before it.) Props to David Slade for doing it.

  25. How did the movie end?
    How was the proposal?! havent seen it yet! I need to know!

  26. I truly cannot understand why people have been complaining about this movie, I thought it was the best one so far. yes some of the the ordering of the scenes was a little different, but other than that I believed that the movie was dead on. A lot of people have been upset about this scene or that not being included or portrayed in its entirety, but no one seems to remember that this movie does have a time limit and yes, some scenes will be shorted or removed. I saw the movie last night and left the theater totally satisfied and happy. The acting had improved from even the last movie and the cinematography was beautiful! As I said I believe that this is the best movie so far and portrayed the book beautifully. I will be going back to see it many more times!

  27. I thought it was funnier than the others, but they changed a few very important things from the book to the movie. Not necessarily scenes, but the way the characters acted. In the book, Bella was not mad at Edward as much as in the movie, and she did not seem all that upset after she kissed Jacob. If I had never read the book, I would assumes Bella would choose Jacob because she treated him better.

    Kudos to the better acting all around in Eclipse. I still loved it despite the adaptations.

  28. I will probably get slammed for saying this, but I was disappointed by a few things in the movie. I hated how they changed three scenes in particular:

    1) They made it sound like it was Edward’s idea to sit out of the fight with the Newborns. That is not the case. Bella begged him to stay out if he wouldn’t let her be there. In the book Edward was not happy about sitting out, but chose that option because it was one he could live with. And in the movie it seemed like he had no problem with it at all. That bugged me.

    2) Bella had to save Edward from being killed by Victoria and Riley? Really?? That completely deviated from the book. It made Edward look weak, and Edward is NOT weak! I didn’t like that at all.

    3) I felt like if someone had not read the books, but only saw the movies, they would not understand why Bella chose Edward. I didn’t feel like her depth of feeling toward him was properly expressed. But then in the last meadow scene, when she gave her big speech about her reasons why she was choosing him, I really thought she would redeem herself and show how she really felt. I was disappointed. The movie took one small reason why she chose to become a vampire (because she never fit into the human world, etc..) and made it seem like the biggest reason. When Edward asks “So it’s not all about me?” She says “No, sorry!” like she cares more about being a vampire than being with him. WTF?! In the book he specifically asks her about that, and she says beautifully, “There’s no point to forever without you. I wouldn’t want one day without you.” Edward was her entire reason for wanting to be a vampire. It was all about him! And I didn’t feel like that was accurately expressed in the movie. All they had to do was add that one liner, and I would have been happy.

    That’s my opinion. BUT I really did love a lot of things about the movie – especially Rosalie and Jasper’s flashbacks, and the action was really great.

    I need to see it a few more times to really get a better feel for it it all, and I hope that I am not as disappointed the next times I see it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ok, I totally agree with everything you said!!! He is the reason that she wants to be a vampire, to spent eternity with HIM!!!

    • yessss I couldn’t agree more! To me the last scene ruined everything by Bella giving that speech. That is not the Bella we grew to love in the books. I also wanted to see more of Edward and Bella, there was so much of just Bella….

    • I agree with everything! I think they also messed up the scene when Bella makes out with Jacob. In the book she was devastated and felt so bad for hurting Edward, but in the movie she was all “I don’t know what happened.” Like that makes it ok?

    • leanne23 says:

      I agree with you. #3 Should have been like the book but if MR has to she should have done Edward:”So its not all about me?”
      Bella: Yes!!! Dont you see Edward forever is nothing with you.

  29. Eclipse was definitely worth all the hype! It flowed beautifully and evoked every emotion–terror, sadness of betrayal, humor, and love. The relationship between Edward and Bella was so much more real this time. It was fun to see.
    Excellent all around!!!!

  30. I loved it! One of my favorite things about this movie is how much BETTER the acting is. Rob plays Edward REALLY well this time. I really believed he was the old-fashioned gentleman in love with his one and only sweetheart that we all love in the books. His british accent really broke through a lot this time….especially when he was mad, but it didn’t bother me. As long as his acting was great….and it was!I was surprised how violent the movie is! I’m not complaining, just surprised. I just sat there watching the fight scenes with a big smile on my face thinking “hey, maybe Breaking Dawn will be closer to the book than everyone thinks!” I think Bryce did a great job, but I do agree with everyone else about the wig. She and Riley looked pretty scary when they were angry.Kudos to David Slade for making the movie flow and tying the beginning and end together with the whole “marry me” thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ He did a wonderful job.

  31. I will say, for me, the movie started with a bang with the trailers. The Harry Potter and Paranormal 2 were amazing and had the theater jumping. When the movie started it took me by surprise they jumped right in with the Riley thing. The camera shaking during the scene where Bella and Jacob were in the workshop kind of drove me nuts but everything else was good. At times it seemed kinda rushed and at first I thought maybe that was due to my excitement over seeing the film. But now I think it was a little rushed. Like the others have said, there was a lot left out. It would have been a lot better if they had just slowed down a bit.

    My favorite scene? The tent scene. It was great! When Jacob said to Edward, “You know I am hotter then you..” I almost died from laughing.

    It really hurt me to see Jacob so hurt. I wanted to reach into the screen and hug him.

    Apart from more camera shaking, the scene with Bella and Charlie in the kitchen, was also very good.

    I loved, loved, loved all the back stories and Jasper, OMG he was fantastic in this one!

    I also thought the characters in general looked a lot better in this film.

    I really need to see it again so I can really take it all in.

  32. Alright, I am not sure where to start with this review since there is SO MUCH I would like to touch upon. I guess I’ll start with that I absolutely LOVED this movie, or at least most of it.

    However, I wish it was longer so that it didn’t feel like they took all the big important scenes from the book, lined them up one after the other and completely eliminated allll the details in between. It just often felt really choppy with a lack of scene transition, which was a little disappointing ( I realize they didn’t have much of a choice about it though, considering the extensive material in the book). But I did absolutely love almost every one of the scenes they did include!

    I guess I’ll break the rest down into what I LOVED and what I wish was different. For the first time, I actually found myself enjoying Edward in the movies, and I think Rob really nailed his character in this film! Kristen also did a much better job than in previous movies,and I really enjoyed their interactions. Also, I just want to say that contrary to some people’s opinions, I think Taylor Lautner is an INCREDIBLY hardworking, gifted actor and I believe his career will skyrocket in the future. He does an incredible job playing Jacob and puts some of the other actors to shame. I don’t think they could have cast anyone else to play Jacob better.

    While I’m on the topic of great acting, I have to say that Xavier did an awesome job as Riley, and I really enjoyed the details from the Bree Tanner book that were thrown in. Also, I absolutely loved Jackson Rathbone, he really blew me away with Jasper and I wasn’t expecting it! And I LOVED Emmett as well, I’m glad they gave Kellen a chance to really shine. Overall, the acting in Eclipse was just fantastic, especially in comparison to the other movies.

    As for some of the big scenes, I found myself becoming irritated when a few were really different from the book. I was slightly annoyed that they cut the scene after Edward fights Victoria and he starts yelling “Sam, help him!” and the whole scene with Jacob getting hurt is completely different, with Bella watching and all. Also, I really wish they didn’t cut so much of Bella and Jacob’s dialogue, especially when she goes to see him when he’s hurt. In the book it is a much more emotional scene for both of them, and I felt like the movie made Jacob look like the only one who was really heartbroken over it (not to mention the lack of her “breakdown” scene after). I was sad that they cut the dialogue when Jacob asks Bella what the hardest part was for her, and she responds with how she saw their whole life together flash before her eyes, and their children, etc. when they kissed, as well as the missing King Solomon reference. I thought this scene could have been much better (although I still enjoyed it, of course!).

    Now for scenes I loved: the tent scene (wish it was longer though!), Jacob and Bella’s second kiss as well as the face punch, any scene with Charlie and Bella but especially the sex talk (Billy Burke is awesome!). I also loved the proposal, Rob really did a good job with that scene. And I nearly cried during the scene with Bella and Renee! OH, and of course the fight scenes, which were EPIC! Loved the training scenes too, very cool! I could go on and on.

    I guess I will stop there, although I’m sure I could think of a million more things to discuss.. overall Summit did a great job making a movie that did the book at least some justice. Although people who aren’t fans of the books may not enjoy it, it certainly was what that fans were hoping for!

  33. Two words: Absolutly Amazing. I’ve already seen it two times (I went to the midnight screening with my friends and then earlier this morning with my mom cause she didnt want to stay up at midnight but is still a big fan.) I loved it so much. Nikki was so much prettier in this one which is perfect for Rosalie. And Jackson did so good! I think Jasper was my favorite in this movie. Either Jackson or Xavier. Rob also did better in this one…he looked more comfortable and smiled a lot more. (I love his smile so much). Over all im impressed with David Slade and the rest of the cast. Taylor, Rob, And Kristen were all great.

  34. Joan Bryant says:

    It was’nt perfect, but still the best film in the series. Maybe I’m biased, but I liked Bryce A LOT more as Victoria than Edward, not only did you feel a little for her she made Victoria quite sinister I thought. I agree with the guy that said the first part of the movie was rather choppy. Thank goodness it evened out. I loved how we saw more of the Cullens especially Jasper.

  35. SimplyJennifer says:

    I that it was amazing. I had just reread the book before going to the movie and was amazed at how most of my favorite parts made it to the big screen. There were some, like Alice kidnapping Bella, that I missed, but overall a very good adaptation. The music soundtrack was perfect and the score was even better howard Shore did an amazing job. I know I will be seeing this at least three more times in theaters. It was intense where it should have been and at other parts the humor was overwhelming and I couldn’t stop laughing (Especially in a crowded theater at 1 in the morning). I applaud the actors and everyone that worked on this film for their hard work. And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the ymmy Jasper time. =]

  36. Loved Eclipse! The one thing that really stuck with me is that I fell in love with Edward all over again.

    Don’t know if it was Rob or the lines or what but he was so relaxed, having fun, looking like he was in love without the heaviness that he’s had in the other films. And that’s what we want, Edward to seem like he is just truly head-over-heels for Bella. Lots more smiles from Edward, an easiness/naturalness – even during the tense scenes.

    And the same goes for Bella/Kristen – more smiles, not as intense.

    Loved the sleepover scene, the meadow scenes. Loved that there wasn’t really one corny scene I cringed at!

    My only complaints: Rob’s hair in the opening meadow scene and his pants during fight training – looked like black pleated dress pants – odd.

    Loved it and can’t wait to go and see it again!

  37. By far the best Twilight movie so far. I loved the *leg hitch* scene (so romantic), the proposal (I cried) and the fight scene. I am so glad that David Slade put violance into this one. The graphics were phonominal, the wolves looked and acted better this time.
    Seth was adorable. My favorite scene is when Jasper and Alice are training. They are so cute. We finally get to see some love’in between them.

    The only negative thing that I can say is that I wish that they would have had Bella cry her heart out when she *broke up* with Jacob. I would have loved to see her hold onto Edward while she cried.

    BDH did a pretty good job as Victoria. She looked pretty scary in some of her scenes. She was pretty vicious to Riley. The Volturi were amazing. I am glad that they reshot the whole (Ah-row/Arrow) Aro scene with Jane and Felix.

    • JeepGirl says:

      Agreed on the night of crying. They also didn’t quite portray Bella’s fight and the surrender to her feelings about Jacob during the iconic kiss right. Maybe they didn’t want to play up the immature jerk Jacob could sometimes be.

  38. Went last night and saw the trio with one of my nieces. She had never seen New Moon, and had only seen Twilight at home on dvd. So this was going to fun for me to get her first-time reactions.

    Seeing them, back to back, really shows the progression of capabilities of each of the actors. The lines aren’t as stilted, and things flow better. Loved the score for Eclipse (already have the cd’s for Twilight & New Moon), so will be picking that up asap.

    Ultimately, we loved it and are already planning a redeux…this afternoon. As soon as I can get out of work. Regardless of how sleep-deprived I am. We feel the need to see Eclipse a few more times. At least. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I am SO sad I have to wait until july 7th!
    It’s not out yet in my country… grrr…

  40. Wow. What an overload of thoughts and feelings I have after seeing it last night!

    First off, this was definitely the best of the three in my opinion. There were parts of it that actually felt more epic, more like the truly big movie it was. There were a few things I was disappointed in, but I remind myself it is an adaptation and not the exact book. Overall, I was really pleased and both my daughters(16 and 13) and I gave it a 10.

    Happy about:

    Rob’s acting. I don’t know what it was, but he was just glorious in this movie. Yes, I’m a bit biased, but I swear everytime Edward looks at Bella in this movie, his face just screams ‘I love you’ but not in an overdone way. He was lovely, especially in the proposal. Rob mentioned he had some trouble at first with the proposal, but once he put himself in Edward’s head, and thinking about what era he was from, it all came together. It was perfect!

    All the action scenes, especially Edward and Victoria. Just awesome.

    The three main trio-they were all just great, and you can see how much better the acting gets after each film.

    Tent scene-just perfect. Only one thing I missed and that was Edward and Jacob fighting in the morning when Bella gets out of the sleeping bag.

    Jasper and Alice-their chemistry was wonderful.

    Opening scene-it was romantic and beautiful and set the tone for the whole movie.

    Could have been better:

    Wigs, but not a big deal to me. They didn’t disctract me.

    Wish the ‘leg hitch’ scene was a tad longer, but then I could have looked at that all night…

    New Victoria. I like Rachelle better, but honestly Victoria is minor to me. She is seen for a short time onscreen and it’s not something that bothered me.

    The one thing I really missed the most was not in the last scene, where Edward tells Bella he will give her what she wants right then. His line that he loves her and wants her right now…I loved that line and missed it.

    Missed the Alice/Bella interation-she’s supposed to be her best friend!

    All in all the movie was great. More Cullens was better, it flowed well, and I left wishing it had been longer! I disagree about some comments on Taylor’s acting-I think he was great. He’s supposed to be a young kid, and Jacob acts like a young kid. I also wish we had gotten a little more graduation, but the moment they showed kind of had me tearing up. I’m going back this afternoon and I’m sure many more times after that!

    • JeepGirl says:

      I missed the Alice/Bella part, too! Along with the whole interaction about the heart diamond & the engagement ring (not at ALL the ring I had pictured!) when Alice returns that morning. Loved those lines in the book

  41. I had really high hopes for this movie because it is my favorite book, but again the writing for the movie was terrible. It’s like Melissa doesn’t get who the characters are. Please, get someone new to write the last two and do Stephanie some justice. I don’t like Edward portrayed as a creeper. Bella and her end of the movie monologue was horrid. The only thing I will say is that the acting was a lot better.

  42. Just saw the midnight show last night–fantastic! I think Eclipse is the best one yet! Seemed like all the actors stepped it up a notch–you could really see the intensity of their feelings. The action sequences were cool. Loved the humor! Many things come together at this point in the books–the love triangle and the vampires/wolves relationships. These I thought the movie addressed wonderfully. But what I especially liked was how the movie addressed Bella’s decision to become a vampire. I don’t remember as much explanation in the book as there was at the end of the movie in Bella’s monologue about realizing she belongs in a different world; it wasn’t just about following Edward around. Nice set up for Breaking Dawn.

    The makeup and general look of the movie was improved. However, the hair . . . ummm . . . Alice’s helmet head? Jasper’s 50 year old woman hair? And the contacts (e.g., Esme’s) made them look freaky, not gorgeous.

    Anyway, loved it!

  43. I loved the movie, and thought it was well done. Some of the additional lines and expanded plot elements were brilliantly done and very cinematic. But was anyone else on Team Jacob disappointed with how the last part of the movie was handled???? I felt the climax of the book was not the fight scene, but Bella’s realization that she is also in love with Jacob. I wasn’t really sensing this in the movie. Bella was sooooo torn up about the situation with Jacob in the book that she completely broke down and sobbed all night. This huge and important relevalion was not conveyed in the movie. I would have loved to have seen maybe some images of her possible life with Jacob flashing by while they were kissing, as well as Bella’s “breakdown” afterward. I was also disappointed with Bella’s talk with Jacob toward the end. That conversation was sooooo touching in the book. Most of the most beautiful lines from the book were not there, and the love and sexual tension they are feeling in the book was not present as well. I would have loved to have heard Jacob’s “I can’t fight with an eclipse” line. It was one of the coolest lines from the book, and would have given the title significance. In fact, that’s one comment I’ve had for all 3 films. Each book includes a reference to it’s title, and none of the movies use them. I don’t get why Melissa wouldn’t incorporate those moments into the movies.

    • I completely agree with you. I reviewed a couple hours ago and commented on the same thing- the last scene with Jacob and Bella was lacking A LOT and very different from the book. I’m glad someone else feels the same since most people didn’t seem to notice. This was really my only big issue with the movie.

      • It was my only issue too! (But a BIG one.) I was completely loving the movie until the end, and ultimately ended up leaving disappointed because of it. When I read the Bella/Jacob conversation in the book, I literally had tears streaming down my face. The scene in the movie is chopped way short, and Jacob comes off as desperate and pleading, with Bella still seeming to “stick to her guns” that she loves Edward and not Jacob. There doesn’t seem to be any change from what we’ve seen throughout the movie and the series. The only thing that was there was the “You know I love you” line mumbled by Kristen.

        • Katelyn says:

          Yeah, I was definitely pumped about everything till the end.. not that it ruined the movie by any means but that chapter in the book was so good! And it kind of gave Jacob fans (or at least myself) some “closure” I suppose because they actually talk about their feelings and she admits to everything she feels.. but then in the movie, nothing.. oh well. Guess I’ll just reread that scene again to make myself feel better!

          • Yes, exactly! Definitely much better closure, and some emotional satisfaction, since she’d been rejecting him so much thoughout the book. Such a beautiful end to their story! And so sad! That was definitely my favorite chapter in the book. Still loved the movie, but it would have been unbelievably amazing if they’d ended Bella and Jacob’s story in Eclipse the way they showed in the book. Also kinda missed the Wuthering Heights theme where Bella realizes she’s been torturing those she loves. It was nice to see her take some accountability for her actions. And they didn’t show the epilogue where Jacob gets the wedding invitation and runs away to be a wolf forever. Sorry, keep thinking of more Jacob things I missed hahaha.

          • Katelyn says:

            Absolutely, and the more scenes I realize are missing the more frustrated I get with the movie.. so I should probably stop thinking about them, haha.

  44. silvertonguedevil3 says:

    I can over look bad wigs and make up but to leave out important scenes was a bad idea. Scenes that should have been shorter were too long and scenes that were too long should have been shorter. Great movie overall and much better than I expected but I wish they wouldn’t have left out the story of the Denali Clan. They are pivotal in what transpires in Breaking Dawn!!! I hope they pull it together better for the next two.

  45. I went to the midnight showing of Eclipse last night and I was a lil disappointed in the movie, don’t get me wrong I did like it and some of the scenes in it were great; I just think they left out some key points from the book. To me, it seemed they were rushing through some of the scenes just so they could have a few more newborn moments. I would definitly not mind sitting through a longer movie as long as it was thorough…Team Edward all the way…

  46. Josephine Falnor says:

    Meh…I thought it was okay. I didn’t like all the added scenes though. They weren’t necessary, and I think they were mainly so David Slade could do his “30 Days of Night” thing…

    Anyways, my favorite Twilight Saga movie still stands as New Moon, because that one was the truest to the book. This one…I was disappointed a little. It didn’t need so much added material.

    It was still really good though, and I enjoyed it! My Mom and I went to the triple feature our theater was doing of all three movies, so that was fun. It was cool to see Eclipse, but I don’t feel the need to see it a bunch more at the theater.

  47. JeepGirl says:

    Movie was great! Finally got Rose’s look right. Charlie’s sex talk was hilarious. Only real disappointment? Where’s the heart on the other side of Bella’s bracelet?!! That was such a good, iconic part of the story!

  48. Saw all 3 Twilight movies back to back last night at our local theater. Eclipse was by far the best (as expected as the book was also the best). The flow was fast paced and I couldn’t believe when it was almost over. The acting was great, action great, love scenes great, tension great. A few things changed and left out but nothing that changed the feel of the film. I really think the guys will love this one as much as the girls. It should be a HUGE summer hit. So many favorite moments in the movie can’t list them all. Loved having quotes from the book.

  49. Very good!! But I usually hold my opinion, until I see a movie a couple times. You always see, and catch more the second visit. But, initial first impressions:

    Vampire speed. I prefer Chris Weitz’s version in “New Moon”. It wasn’t bad, per say, in “Eclipse”, it was ‘faster’ but I think a combo of the two would have been much improved.

    The Cullen’s Are Vampires??: Why, yes, they are! It was nice to finally see them as such. Instead of the dreamy, sparkly, “Drink a human? Never!” Vamps we know them as, it was nice to see them in action, fighting, Rosalie and Jasper’s red eyes, killing etc. Edward pissed off is a nice change too, much more emotions coming out of him this go around.

    Some scenes, felt a bit rushed, like the editing was done in a frenzy.

    Sparkle and Black eyes: Much more of both, and was great to see, sense they are noted so much in the books, as some of the few things about Vampires that change. But, I again, I think Chris Weitz’s sparkle effect in “New Moon” was more lovely. But, David Slade did make the wolves more life like.

    So…great acting, lots of dialogue direct from the book (HUGE BONUS), honestly, I think the only thing, in my opinion, that keeps “Eclipse” from completely outdoing “New Moon” is some of the special effects.

  50. I saw the midnight showing as well. It was truly the best movie of the series so far! I almost wish that David Slade had directed the other two movies. : ) I thought the acting from all was significantly better in this movie. Less twitchiness from Kristen Stewart, Robert somehow looked even hotter in this movie than the others and overall everyone was just better! The chemistry between Edward and Bella was really there in this movie, just how I picture it in the book! Their scenes together were amazing!I felt like it was a fair representation of the book, they didn’t leave out anything devastating. However I think Melissa Rosenberg takes too much liberties when writing the characters. So many things that Bella said and that Jacob said were just completely out of character. Like when Bella asks Edward if she could hyphenate her last name!! Bella would have never ever said that!! But I think that’s who Melissa Rosenburg wants Bella to be, not how Stephenie Meyer wrote her. So that was really disappointing to me. And yes I was also sad that they didn’t have Bella picturing her future life with Jacob and children when they kissed! That kiss onscreen was not as awe inspiring as it is in the book. : ( OVERALL it really was a great great movie though!!!!!

    • I agree about Bella seeing her possible future with Jake when she kisses him. I thought they even shot that I remember seeing picture during filming of the movie where it looked like they were staging Bella’s house for that, what happened? It would have shown more of her choice

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