Are They Really Engaged?

As usual, we don’t know or care if Rob and Kristen are together. Our usual line is, “For all we know they each sleep with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred.” Anyway, lots of people are writing in asking if the story in OK magazine about Rob and Kristen’s engagement is true.

We’ll let you judge for yourself how credible the OK story is. Check out the following photos and you decide:

Picture one:

Rob alone on the couch backstage at the Teen choice awards.

Picture 2:

Kristen, Nikki, and Kellan on the couch backstage at the Teen Choice awards.

Picture 3:

Can we say photoshop manipulation?

Picture that ran in OK magazine

We leave it to you to decide how credible of a source OK magazine is.

For your amusement we created a little slide show. Shout out to Mandy, Robsessed, and Irish Twilight Sisters who did the detective work that we stumbled on. Good work, guys!


  1. Ok “OK” magazine, this isn´t ok!

    Every time i pass by this “toilet trash” as my mom calls it,when she reads on the toilet,(sorry didnt need to know tht)i keep saying “it’s lies!! how can they get away with this!!” I’m suprised that Rob and Kris haven’t pulled a Dave Chapelle and disappeared to Africa!
    I mean Kristen has a boyfriend doesn’t she? Or HAD i should probably say, since he vanished off the face of the EARTH!! Seriously what happened to him??? LMAO!

    This kind of tabloid crap is probably what ran him off…. Or he couldn’t handle the fact that she was famous and he wasn’t…
    maybe their next story should be how Michael Angarano got abducted by aliens hired by Rob…
    THIS S&%T JUST Pisses me OFF!!!

  3. LMAO!!! This is totally ridiculous!!!! Rumor or not, who cares? As long as they keep doing a good job with the movies… I don’t really care. TY Lex!!!!

  4. This type of bull is the reason why i dont by magazinnes read newspapers or watch the news. Its ridiculous and i pity every pea brain individual who jumps when they see these kind of articles and reports.

  5. Wow Really! These dumb tabloids love to make stories out of nothing! Do you even notice in the corner the tabloid trying to say that she is torn between him and Taylor so ridiculous. They are just trying to recreate the love triangle thing in real life minus the vamps and wolfs. It’s all a publicity stunt and we shouldn’t buy into it.
    Btw good job Lex for catching that photo shop I don’t think I would have seen it unless you pointed it out.

  6. Stephaniee says:

    Did kristen brake up with that michael kid ?

    In my opinion , i hope they’re atleast dating . I think they are , c’mon after so many hours of working together and spending time together & with all the chemistry they have there should be atleast a little flirting.

    • Wow with that logic, Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker should be dating, as well as all other leading couples. They are playing characters, its a job, its not like they are just themselves making out on camera.

  7. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Those pics are totally fixed lol.

  8. la_petite_femme says:

    YES! I love u guys for doing this 😀

  9. Sara Marie says:

    Beautiful work Lexicon! I’m so glad that you guys caught that!

  10. It makes me so freaking mad, when I think about all the time wasted on trying to figure out if these 2 people are dating. Who gives a f**k? I mean if they are great, if not great. WHATEVER. Its just so frustrating that trash gossip mags like OK, (I don’t know any others, I don’t read them) and even People which I read on a regular basis and which I used to think was more fact than gossip based, are using these two people to make money. I mean really, its been what?, a year and a half, of pathetic speculation, and both actors have denied dating over and over and over.

    Its just such a major waste of energy.

  11. One more thing I wanted to let you and people that Kristen and Michael are already over long time ago like I say about last April , not sure. I do beleive that Kristen is single now..

    Robert, Kristen and Taylor are all single. Soo..

  12. roberts-girl01 says:

    this is actually becoming a piss take, so what if they’re engaged, together, pregnant? its their lives and they’re free to do what they want with it!

    i don’t see why these magazines need to constantly hassle them, they can’t do anything like going out as friends without magazines saying shit bout them!

    ive got one thing to say to those magazines and that’s, get a life and get over yourselves arseholes 🙂

    thanks lexicon 🙂

  13. I agree with Shayla! Its so condensending that they think we are that stupid as to believe something so obviously fake! The photoshop was alright but when you see the other pics its way too obvious its a fake! Thanks Twilight Lexicon! You are the greatest! & thanks fellow ‘twifriends’ lol! Love you all! xoxo

  14. If you look closer, you will see in OK magazine this is a different picture. Rob is smiling and Kriss’ hand is on different angle.

  15. Hahaha those losers!! But I have to say GOOD PHOTOSHOP because that photo does look real! But why do they do this? It’s easy they don’t have a life and they want GOSSIP,GOSSIP,AND GOSSIP!!!!!

  16. I’m a little late to this discussion, but this is why i really love you guys at twilight lexicon. you are actually journalists. i appreciate all your articles, especially your rumor control.

  17. Amy-Louise says:

    Do they really think we are that stupid ??
    we can all tell it is photo shopped !

  18. It’s like with the stars of law and order: svu (Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Maloni) who have pretended to kiss several times just to bug the press. I just think the paparrazi is full of idiots who will believe anything.

  19. refuse 2 believe that they’re really engaged.

  20. Actually.. I’m pretty sure I know how Photoshop works. If u look closely they were photoshopped apart from eachother. When the Guy is sitting alone u can see that the left side where the girl was sitting is cropped straight down meaning they cropped her out. And when the girl is sitting with other people u can see her hand on the other girls shoulder is not the right tone as the rest of her body. But in the pic of the couple nothing looks off? And plus, whywould the Guy be sItting all alone by himself at an event like that? Haaa


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