Rumor Control: Kristen Stewart Pregnant

So the latest that is making our inbox churn is people wanting to know if Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s love child.  We were pretty much ignoring this latest tabloid driven story which jumped from the ridiculous to the utterly absurd in the last 24 hours until it took over our inbox.

Now we don’t have a pipeline into Kristen’s private life, but here’s the facts, such as they are, and you can decide for yourself:

The original source is an Australian gossip magazine whose headlines aside from the Kristen story were: Jen [Aniston] Tears Over Brad, Britney Spears Getting Married, and Michael Jackson’s Death, Was It Murder. So, you judge the credibility. The inside story goes on to state that Kristen sent a friend out for a pregnancy test because she was afraid to go to the drug store and be spotted getting one. The said friend then went and blabbed to someone who told the Australia-based magazine.

Now let’s think about this a second. Kristen has pretty much grown up in the business and realizes how rumors start, and knows that media eyes are on her.  She’d risk sending “a friend” to get the test, especially one who can’t keep his/her mouth shut?  Two words: mail order!

Now it gets better. We thought we had seen just about everything on this latest rumor and then it jumped the proverbial shark. Another gossip website states that Kristen responded to the rumor via her Twitter, yet they don’t cite what Twitter account that was, yet they quote it.  Now putting aside the fact that Kristen doesn’t have a Twitter, let’s think about this.  In a series of Tweets Kristen supposedly says that her publicist could have made up the rumor. In our opinion, when you have a career as big and hot right now as Kristen Stewart’s, no publicist (if they value their job and reputation) starts a pregnancy rumor.  It’s not like Kristen isn’t getting a ton of PR via Runaways and New Moon. She would need a pregnancy rumor to attract additional attention because why exactly?

Next, Ted Casablanca, the one of the kings of Hollywood gossip is calling people out and saying BS.  Now, when your rumor is at the point when a guy who makes his livelihood trading in rumor is pretty much going, “yeah right” instead of playing along (he also called BS on the “cab attacks Rob” and with logical back up)…you decide.

So in the end, for all we know Rob is sleeping with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred and Kristen curls up around a much loved and mangled Cabbage Patch doll.  Hmm…maybe the bear and the Cabbage Patch Doll are getting it on? 🙂


  1. Robert Patinson says:

    Like Kristen would have a baby with me come on people be real besides I like someone else.Reply if your fans or if your not.

  2. Robert Patinson says:


  3. Robert Patinson says:

    Sorry Ad means And

  4. you guys need a life!
    whats up with you guys all quick to defend K-Stew? She’s just another celebrity and can handle rumors her self. It’s not like shes such a hero that you guys need to defend her.

  5. michelle says:

    I agree with the masses that say leave them alone. What business is it if they are or aren’t a couple off screen but their own. No wonder relationships in hollywierd don’t survive. What a tsunami of trouble these people are causing for two young actors who are talented and good looking and these idiots are probably just jealous of thier success anyway…

  6. I can’t believe people actually believe the article!! GET A LIFE!!

  7. Jalenie Ellis says:

    Ok. I think it’s horrible that the rumor is there. But I also think it’s horrible that someone actually had the balls to make the movie. Honestly. The book was way too good, and I don’t think Kristen looks anything like what Bella is supposed to, besides the fact she is small. I’d be perfectly happy if they stopped making the movies and that these people had never tried to be their characters. They already messed up stories like Harry Potter just to make the illiterate idiots in this country happy. So just shut up already and leave them alone. Maybe if we do their salaries will drop and more deserving people will get the food they live without!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I don’t think its true. I mean Kristen’s got a boyfriend, and wouldn’t the friend’s friend tell an American newspaper? I think that this is a sick idea that if they make up a story about Kristen being pregnant with Rob’s baby they’ll atract a higher amount of teenage readers.

  9. kaitlyn says:

    okay people kristen stewart said she wasn’t pregnant okay and that girl in the pic looked like ashley greene but ashley isnt pregnant.

  10. Kristen stewert is no pregnant. So who ever beleived that I don’t blame them. It was the the stupid Australian tab. And why would it matter if she was. That’s their buisness and if they want people to know about their relationship they would comevout and say it.

  11. yeah… not so much…. I hate OK! now

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