Quite Possibly Hollywood’s Most Glam and Down to Earth Couple

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth appeared on Chelsea Lately last night. They are so hilarious and adorable!

Peter was also on hand to support Jennie in New York runway show where she strutted her stuff for charity.


  1. That tissue story was hilarious. they are one of the cutest couples eva.I loved that interview I just couldn’t stop laughing. Go MR. Facinnelli and MRS. Facinelli!!!!!!!!!!

  2. does anybody know what lmao means? I was wonderin cause I saw it on a few comments.

  3. OMG, they are the cutest couple!! Those would be 2 people I’d love to spend an afternoon with!!

  4. Sakura-Miaka says:

    Aww… Bless them… Mary Magdalene is coming! 😀 (No offense to the religious people)… Finally! Couple that isn’t fake! They are soooo cute!!!

  5. Sakura-Miaka says:

    They obviously adore each other…. Did anyone notice that Peter was holding her hand the entire time???

  6. Loved It! They are so cute and really seem to belong together!

  7. They do seem like a good couple. I would like Jenny more if she had never been on DWTS…she was a major drama queen/baby on the show.

    Comment #20: I would NEVER vote for Twilight (the movie) to be the best falling in love movie, or best couple (Edward/Bella, or the best of anything. The love story was weaker than your typical romantic comedy (don’t ask me how that happened because the love story in the book was amazing), and there was NO chemistry between KS and RP. I am a big Twilight fan, but the movie was a disgrace to film in general, but especially to the Twilight Story.

  8. Awww, they`re so adorable.

  9. A reality show is the kiss of death to a marriage. Hopefully these two are smart enough to steer clear of a show on themselves.

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