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Collider Posts Cullen Family Interview

Last week Steve over on Collider was the first to give you audio and transcripts of the press conference with Stephenie, Catherine, Rob, and Kristen.

Well, Steve (AKA Frosty) is back. This time he has the transcript and audio of a chat with the Cullen family including the notorious hard to get an interview (not their fault shooting schedules) with Liz Reaser and Jackson Rathbone.

Movie News

In our never ending quest of trying to provide you with the most unique Twilight movie news ( because really who wants to hear one more time Rob being asked if he knew what he was getting himself into, or Stephenie one  more time with feeling talking about the chapter 13 dream…you get the idea) here is our latest.

The Twilight cast visited Canada’s Much Music and was treated to this baseball clip. TY Summer  And in case anyone thinks only Americans line up, Canadians do too, and it’s a lot colder in Canada.

Rob and Kristen interview Stephenie over on moviefone about movie music, upcoming projects, and more ( the black and white outtake at the end is hilarious).

The LA Times covers how much Twilight has meant to the economic recovery of Forks in tough times.  They also talked to Melissa Rosenberg about all four books and if she’d be interested in adapting all four.

Spout has a Vampire cagematch. GO VOTE FOR EDWARD!

Feed Your Fan Obsession

First, if you haven’t yet entered to be the Ultimate Twilight Fan, remember that the deadline is Sunday. Don’t miss out on your chance to win a chance at a webchat with Catherine. we’ve seen a bunch of creative submissions today (nothing like waiting til the last second, guys!  jeez, you had us worries there when we only have 5 submissions earlier this week)

Now we will also be covering the Twilight Live podcast that happens tomorrow starting at 1:30. At the moment they are looking to tape and upload the broadcast shortly after it concludes. They need time to clean up the audio and pictures, you get the idea.  We will provide the link as soon as it is available.

The multi-fansite panel hosted by Andrew Sims and Kallie Matthews, of Imprint and Twilight series Theories fame,  will feature the Lexicon’s Be My Escape, The Twilight Guy, Bailey (AKA No More Marbles), and many more. The show will be opened by the Twilight Music Girls.  Also appearing from the cast will be Mike Welch ( Mr. Twi-hard ), Peter Facinelli, and Jackson Rathbone.

If you happen to be there and if they open up to audience Q & A it might be a good time to ask Jackson about his music choices. The Twilight stars just added their personal playlists to the Itunes Twilight section.

Here is Twilight Live’s most recent press release on the event:

1 — The podcast will be held at Borders Westwood, located on 1360 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.  The store opens at 10 am, and the show begins around 1:30 pm with a concert by the Twilight Music Girls.  The show should be over by around 4 pm.

2 — An RSVP email does not guarantee you admittance.  Wristbands will be distributed to approximately the first 500 people at the store that morning.  You must have a wristband to get into the event.

3 — Our guests will be signing a limited number of autographs.  You must purchase an item and Borders and receiving a separate signing wristband to be guaranteed an autograph.

4 — Please be mindful of the fact that this is a podcast — a radio show, more or less.  You cannot be overly loud or unruly because it interferes with the recording.  Please be fair to the thousands of people all over the world who want to listen to the show later on.

5 — Please observe respectful event conduct — no screaming once the discussion begins, no climbing on shelves or standing on your friend’s back, no yelling obscenities, and no saving seats for your friends.

6 — As of now, there are no plans to stream the podcast live.  We will be testing at the store on Saturday afternoon, and if this changes, we will let you know on and through various Twilight news sources.

The Red Carpet

The red carpet for Twilight will have no shortage of coverage.  First of all the Lexicon’s Be My Escape (Jen) is paired up with Kaleb Nation, The Twilight Guy to bring you news right from the actor’s own lips.  So if you are going to be at the Mann Theaters in Westwood (they moved the location from the original spot) look for Jen and Kaleb.  The Mann theaters are located at 961 and 948 Broxton Ave.

Now, if you want some mainstream media coverage, notice the below widget. When the stars star to arrive the widget goes live and you can see it all. We may have to switch over to a link for it because, call me crazy, but I think our bandwith might hit another all time high. It might be easier to you all right to their server.

EDITED:  Ok the widget was sucking our bandwith faster than Edward inhales a mountain lion. Here is the link to the widget.

Saturday Afternoon News

The Star Tribune brings us a video interview with some of the stars of the film that were at the Mall of America.  They also have a write up about the event.  Thanks to Madaline410 for the heads up.

The Boston Globe has an article about Rob Pattinson. 

Moviefone wants you to vote for the sexiest male vampire.  Rob and Cam are both on the list and neither one is currently in first place.  Thanks to Sammi for the heads up!


Despite reports from various sources (one in particular which paid so much attention to detail on their supposed inside story, that they have Bella falling in love with another vampire in New Moon) there is nothing new on the sequel front than has not already been previously reported. Various outlets are just putting a slightly new spin on old news:

  • The actors initially agreed to three movies should the film do well
  • If the film does well, Summit wants to do at least the next two, and depending maybe the 4th (they’d have to pay everyone some big bucks on the 4th because it wasn’t in the initial agreement)
  • Catherine Hardwicke has said that she is interested in continuing with the other movies
  • Screen writer Melissa Rosenberg has said that she is interested in continuing with the other movies

So, do we think the next two movies will be made?  Yes, we do. Is it official? Not Yet.