Edited: Now with story and More wonderful pictures from K of Kalama HS

K of Kalama HS is busy uploading her panoramio account with all sorts of goodies for us to see. She’s also promised us a write up of what it’s like having a movie filmed at your school.

A couple of goodies while she updates:  NOTE: The following links are not working right now.  You can still see all the pics by clicking the link above and scrolling through.  The links are fixed!! Enjoy

Drumroll please, Introducing Gregory Tyree Boyce as Tyler.

Kristen what’s on your IPOD?

Crooked smile anyone?

Filming continues throughout the week at Kalama in their labs, gym, cafeteria and of all places believe it or not, their wrestling room. The hospital scene will be shot there later this week.

**Edit: A note from K of Kalama and more pics below!!!!

O! And before I forget… those two, but three(since I remembered one), Rob’s funnies I was going to tell you.
1- (This was a rehearsal scene because there was too much sun for our vampires)They were shooting him and Bella pulling up in the Volvo, to park, and Rob pulled into the spot and got out. Well when he got out, the car started to roll backwards and he noticed like 2 seconds after he got out and he jumped back in and put the ‘E’ brake on! LOL! And when he got out after that he chuckled… cutest chuckle ever I’ll tell ya that! ^^
2- (Still the rehearsal scene with the Volvo)This was like the third or fourth take and he had the car backed up so he could pull in, and this time he started to take off and there was a HUGE grinding sound… he had forgotten to release the ‘E’ brake!!!! HAHAHA!!!! It was the best! ^^
3- They were now shooting from the behind angle, Bella and Edward walked to the front doors of the school, and when they got there, instead of opening the door(I’m not sure if he forgot how to open it, or what) he kicked it!!! Everyone started laughing at the point! ^.^ Silly Rob!

Pic 1, Pic 2

Mike talking with Bella

 Alice and Jasper

The Cullens





  1. Rob is gorgeous and Kellan is adorable. I’m extremely happy with what I’m seeing. I don’t even care about the little details that are off…

    It’s going to be a long, torturous wait until December that’s for sure.

  2. NenaCullen says:

    Hahaha. Poor Rob! sounds like he doesn’t drive too much or was too nervous to remember how to drive lol.
    Doesn’t matter Rob, we love you!

  3. I’m gonna get to the school around noon(west coast) ’cause I’m not feeling well right now, but I gotta get you more pictures! ^^

  4. I bet Rob get’s all flustered driving a car in America since our cars are backwards from those in England!!
    K thanks for the pictures and the funny stories to help us feel like we’re right there with you, what a lucky person you are.
    I love Alice’s new hair and Rosalie looks absolutely beautiful. That car is so ostentatious who drives a convertible when it’s rainy and cold outside.

  5. Yes, how dare you skip school when they are filming Twilight…geez…take some Dayquil or something!

  6. Total Eclipse… were you jk w/ me, or are you really mad?… It’s not like I haven’t done anything for you. Geez… right back at you.

  7. Awww feel better K!!

  8. lala-swan says:

    K of Kalama HS….I think TE must have been kidding you, you HAVE done an amazing job, jeje….thanks, reallly (hope you get better). And, is Robert as lovely as he seems in person??

  9. NenaCullen says:

    k of Kalama,
    I am sure totaleclipse is joking, lol she is a lex regular and she has a good sense of humor!

    You have not idea how much we appreciate all that you have done! Hope you feel better soon and GET TONS OF PICTURES ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Jacob_BlackFan101 says:

    Those are so funny. Robert’s pics were so funny.

  11. Thanks… and I probably shouldn’t have snapped at TE… sorry TE, bad morning all around! LOL! But I haven’t had the chance to meet him, YET. But he is SOOOO much more gorgeous in person. Did anyone know that he smokes?… I was sure surprised…

  12. oh wow! thank you soo much, these pictures are great!

  13. K of Kalama HS, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for getting these pics and uploading them. you rock!!!

    These pics made me so excited ๐Ÿ™‚ God, December is so far away!!

  14. Also, I did have pictures of Jasper(GOD! I need to learn their names… Rob, Alice, Kristen…) hitting Rob in the back of the head… but they didn’t turn out… WAH! It was hilarious too… ๐Ÿ™

  15. QUEENCROWN says:

    i love the one of all the Cullens on a joyride. Thats hysterical. I cant wait for this movie!

  16. NenaCullen says:

    K of Kalama,
    Don’t be sad, you will probably meet him, at least your chances are a lot higher than a lot of ours…. ๐Ÿ™ Be sad for us!
    It is a pitty that he smokes, I wasn’t sure if he did in real life but if you ever see “The Haunted Airman” he smokes in every single scene, I think his role “Toby” is a chain smoker… I hope he didn’t get addicted from that.

  17. haha, robert was probably so nervous he forgot to drive he has the cutest laugh ever, Im so jealous of Kristen

  18. K of Kalama HS: Thank you so much for all the great pictures! It’s great fun to be able to see the actors and feel like we can be a little part of it. Fantastic job! Hope you are feeling better.

  19. I love it!! I love it all!!! Thanks so much for posting all this (and to you, K, for taking them!)..

    It’s the highlight of my day to check on the progress of the movie. SO FUN!! I’m pleased with almost all the cast, and those I wasn’t initially pleased with are growing on me. Even Jasper looks better than he did in those first promo pics. (K, can we get some more of him, if you can?)

    Again, thank you, thank you!!!

  20. ok first, what is Emmett doing?? Lol, he has like his hands all in the air. Rosalie looks like she agrees with me. OMG Robert’s smile is so adorable!! It just makes me wanna smile. Isn’t Alice’s hair supposed to be black? Oh well, it still looks awesome. Get some more clips of the scenes!! SO EXCITED!!

  21. *sighs* Ah, I cannot wait for this movie. I asked my mom if I could transfer to Kalama (Keep in mind I live halfway across the country) and she said, “Sure. As soon as that money tree starts to grown in the backyard, we’ll put you on a plane.”

    So there’s still hope.

    I am so jealous. If they were filming at my school, I’d have the worst time concentrating. I bet there attendance has gone up since they’ve been filming, none of the girls want to miss out on this! Thanks for the pictures, I can’t wait to see more!!

  22. *sigh* too bad he smokes… Well, he’s bound to have some imperfection somewhere… Not that I have a problem with smokers. It’s the smoke itself, I’m allergic (sp?) and it gives me severe bronchitis if I’m around it long enough… Sucks really…

  23. Ramber, who smokes???

    I’m also allergic to smoke and I don’t like it when people taint their bodies with such a horrible poison. It’s a disgusting habit.

  24. Rob smokes….

  25. honestly, K
    you’ve made so many lives 382084 times better
    these are the only people who can understand how friggen happy i am!
    rob is THE most beautiful thing in the world
    i wish i could see him in person

    urgh ๐Ÿ™
    lucky you

  26. And K, just thought I would also say thanks for “feeding my obsession” as my friends call it. Most of my friends like Twilight, but they tell me I have an unhealthy addiction… Oh well!!!

  27. Oh…I see that now. Ew….that makes me sad. ๐Ÿ™ I feel bad for Kristen, she has to kiss him and the smell of smoke never seems to leave someone’s breath or clothes. Edward’s supposed to have a magical, minty smell, not gross smokey smell. Oh, well, it’s not like we can smell him….

  28. Yeah… *sigh* I guess if it was Rob I could deal with it for a little while…. at least until I get dizzy from lack of oxygen…. which could be contributed to the smoke or the fact that he is Edward Cullen incarnate….

  29. *Laughs* Exactly. I’m afraid that if I was just at school, walking through the halls and if he walked by or something and said, “Hi.” to be polite, I might just stare like a goldfish. And then I’d probably attack him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I think i’m pass the point of excitement that I dont know what to call it!!!!!!!!! I seriously can’t wait until december….Robert is looking great!!!!

  31. Attack… What a perfect word… LOL

  32. How do you get smilies? I want cool smilies….

  33. omg, k of kalama, ur our hero right now! lol. those are awesome pictures. ur so lucky. and i hope u feel better too…

  34. Yeah, Rosalie, and Katie(Kristen’s double) smoke too. Sad day. OH! That reminds me, the reason I didn’t get any good Ed/Bella pics is because, for some reason, Kristen was gone A LOT yesterday. *UGH!* I tried to come up with reasons why, but so far the best is that Rob’s cigarette breath is too much to handle.

  35. HA HA HA!!! Silly girl (Kristen)… If Bella can handle blood sucking vampires, you can handle tobacco breath… LOL!!!

  36. K of kalama you are sooooooooo lucky!!
    thaaanks for the pics ๐Ÿ˜€
    yey take more more pics lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. ^^ Thanks everyone, really. And yes, in the words of Yoda: “Eyecandy more get I will!” ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. twilight is LOVE says:

    i dont care if rob smokes he is so hot so he have permition to smoke

  39. All you have to do to get a smile is put in a colon : and parenthese(spelling?) ) and it will give you a cute smile.

    K of kalama, do you know how long they’re going to be filming at your school? And what is it like to have a major motion picture being filmed at your school? What was your initial reaction when you found out that twilight was being filmed there?

    sorry, a lot of questions…:D

  40. Dancergirl says:

    Rob smokes? EWW! I don’t get it why people smoke it’s so discussing for me.

    Thanks K of Kalama for the pictures there really amazing!

  41. yeah i want to know that to……!

  42. Thank you sooo much K! This is so great. I can’t express my happiness right now!

    Love love love Rob….

    that smile. that hair. what’s not to love?

  43. No problem. ๐Ÿ™‚
    1- They will end filming tomorrow, and come back next Monday and Tuesday… there isn’t any school on Friday.
    2- It is INSANE having this happen! The parking lot is PACKED to the brim with Hollywood. I know I have problems concentrating… I’ve been able to get out of a couple classes, but during the other classes, I can’t relax.
    3- I flipped! I went to tell one of the teachers, she’s also a Twi-hard, and just freaked out!

  44. haha! that is awesome! I’m happy for you that this is happening at your school and you are getting to experience this, congratulations! You really are a very lucky girl!

  45. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate either… this is so unbelievably exciting! Thanks for the pictures and all of the updates!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. lucky you K ! ^^
    if i was there i would be watching them alot
    and i wouldnt go to classes and i’ll probably fail
    because of that haaaaaaaaa lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  47. I wish my school was that lucky… No doubt that I would NOT be able to concentrate EVER!!! And I would probaly turn into a bad kid: skipping and failing and stuff…. so maybe it’s a good thing they aren’t here…. I can’t afford to fail my senoir year…

  48. Jenn in KY says:

    THANKS K!!! You are too cool and I hope that you are having tons of fun!!! Keep us up to date!!!

  49. us twi-hards are soooo obsessive… but how can you not be???


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