Minor Update

I went in an added the links and a few minor changes to the bios for Rosalie and Jasper.  I also added what little information we have about Felix, Demetri, Heidi, and Gianna.



  1. Hey I love the updates!! But isn’t her name Gianna? -shrugs- I’m probably wrong.. xD. Thanks Alphie!

  2. Ooh, good bio updates. But I spotted two mistakes: 1. "Gianna" is spelled "Guanna" in a couple of places. 2. You said that Rosalie was the only Cullen to vote against Bella. Edward voted no, too.

    ~~I’m not a good typist!  I kept hitting U instead of I.  They are next to each other on the keyboard.  I think I fixed them all.

    And I wasn’t counting Edward.  HA! 


  3. Dawn whelpley says

    Thanks for the great info, I love hereing more about what Stephenie is wrighting and what others think, and what their questions are its absolutly outstanding. (sorry I am bad at spelling and typing)

  4. mental_mentos says

    YAY! I

  5. When I saw Alec’s bio, it said that nobody knew his special powers, but in Breaking Dawn, (now that it’s out) it says that his special power is to numb people, so they feel nothing at all while they are burnt or destroyed, so they cant defend themselves or try to run away. How come it’s not written there?

  6. thanks 4 ALL THOSE BIOS THOUGH!!!!! they’re all soooooooooo awesome!

  7. Hi guys I just wanted to let you know that I am Alice Mary Brandon Cullen. I even look the same. I can see the future and I am engaged to a man named Jasper Hallen. I’m Not joking!

    • Alina goes 2 my school and she is not lying!

    • CandyPop says

      Well…. umm even if you ARE telling the truth… its HALE not hallen!!!

    • CandyPop says

      Yes… thats true.. ive read eclipse and breaking dawn, and ive seen both the twilight and new moon movies…. Alec’s power is to make people disabled to hear, see or any other physical action…. its pretty cool…. oh and, u haven’t added demetri’s ability… he’s the best hunter in the whole vampire world… and im an avid twilight fan.. i swear… im 10 and i finished BOTH eclipse and bd in just 2 weeks.. cool huh? now im reading it again.. tnx… tell stephenie i said hi 🙂

  8. Hey! I love the character bios, but there’s one thing you need to add to your character bios: Stephenie said at this convention that Gianna was killed soon after Breaking Dawn…you should probably add that.

  9. CandyPop says

    sorry guys!! that last comment i posted was NOT a reply to alina… it was a reply 2 dizzyl b… sorry about the mix up 🙂

  10. smarygirl says

    hey i love this website and i hope you post new things soon to the webste please

  11. Its not mentioned in Jasper’s bio that he has the Ducati 848 motorcycle that Edward ended up giviing him.

  12. scuba doo says

    I’m newly addicted to Twilight, after seeing Stephenie Meyer’s on Oprah and hearing how this all started. Peeked my interest and now here I am. I love this site but is it still current? I see current comments left, but a lot of the links have been deactivated.